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seventyone represents a small private company and has thus turned our long-term hobby into a corporate format.

A few years ago, we met a freelancer on the elevated platform Upwork. In brief, he progressively introduced us to web 2.0. As can be seen, we still work with this freelancer in Nepal today. We see our doing as a kind of ngo+ activity. Furthermore, Together we develop websites exclusively for longtime friends and family with a lot of enthusiasm and attention to detail at fair prices.

On top of that, behind seventyone, we are equally active in an industry that can be considered disruptive. To conclude, it is fun to challenge the big established companies and turn their inertia and weaknesses to our professional advantage. 

Finally, seventyone genuinely want to be a part of modern innovations. All in the fond hope that this will enable unprecedented collaborations in industries.

We desire to momentum advantage achieve disruption help family and friends



Our world is changing fast. Notably, an age has come again where everyone has the opportunity to draw attention to themselves. Moreover, large companies are confronted with the fact that there are suddenly new and inexpensive forms of business. Finally, decades of dominance are crumbling, share prices are suffering, and the new generation is identifying with brands that have only been around for a few years. Accordingly, old established brands are losing their value.

To sum up, This is precisely where we try to get involved with seventyone. Today, anyone can set up a website and sell products. With the internet 2.0, even in a much larger radius of action than the brick-and-mortar shop used to be. Furthermore, The payment system has been simplified and changed. More things will happen in this area over the years.

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the momentum is yours | seventyone



Considering our limited free time, Seventyone has participated in or led some exciting disruptive momentum projects. Moreover, we genuinely believe our published work speaks for itself. In short, please browse through the most recent projects Seventyone has completed or is currently working on.

Henceforth, we’ve been eagerly participating in some disruptive projects. To begin with, this idea started long before SeventyOne was founded. We got thrilled about the disruptive modern world. Finally, we decided to allow ourselves a brand.

Meanwhile, our ideological commitment to the highest quality applies equally to valuable service, technical expertise and detailed advice. Ultimately, every completed project positively makes us even hungrier. As an illustration, explore our most recent projects.

Seventyone Projects

business plan for a side business of UK based independent wealth managers on expanding into fund management business soon
Sole Webmaster
Sole Webmaster following a design by the client
WordPress template platform granted financed a mini convertible bond

Seventyone focus

Business Plans
Web Designer

For Families Friends only


polls, surveys and quizzes

seventyone will regularly ask for your personal opinion and, subsequently, show these results in a voting archive. Stay up to date on our monthly picks, be the first to hear about news as well as updates



What do we genuinely want to achieve with our affirmative actions reasonably? In either case, the modern world is transforming remarkably fast. All things considered, with the terrible outbreak of Covid-19, fundamental changes have been brought about much more quickly. On the whole, we are already in a disruptive momentum. However, it’s just that not all companies merely want to believe it fondly. Yet. In essence, people hold on to the dear old, the tried and scientifically tested. In conclusion, this is where we want to start.

In summary, our ultimate goal by heart is to willingly share our creative inspiration, up to the present time, in our cadence and enthusiastically promote modern innovation.

On balance, the civilised world has never changed as fast as it is now. In any event, the time has come to replace the old conglomerates, rethink, and look into the future together.


sentyone blog

Welcome to the seventyone influential blog on crucial innovation. Visit the numerous blog posts and use the article categories for similar technical topics. We would appreciate a modest donation to pursue our work.

We live with hundreds of gadgets and innovations at home and work. Some modern innovations fit in your pocket, and some are as big as an iconic skyscraper. So that you can experience the prevailing trends, we have composed a small article about things that capture our eye.

If you have a gadget, you would desire us to test it. We would be delighted to make ourselves available. However, we reserve the right to firmly refuse lucrative offers and invariably have to declare this for ethical reasons.

We earnestly hope you enjoy reading about new gadgets, needed services, dynamic simulations or features that catapult us into another world.

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