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Change is the only constant in this world. As the seasons’ change, simultaneously do business models, and at the same time, new things appear. Under those circumstances, you can get things the way you like them, and in contrast, something outside your authority changes everything unexpectedly.

On the one hand, you win clients; on the other hand, you lose a few. Thereupon you grow up and learn things you never thought you’d learn through your life. Above all, you need to be open towards momentum in our changing world.

71 | SeventyOne wants to be a part of this changing momentum, in the hope that this also enables unprecedented collaborations in any industries. With this intention, We subsequently support an uprising entrepreneur in Asia, with whom we meanwhile work for several years. To put it another way, we see such new collaboration as modern development aid with benefits on both sides.

Our goal is to bring inspiration and innovation to create disruptions. The momentum has never been better to bring the big old giants out of their quietness.

71 | SeventyOne is chasing disruptive momentum. Finally, the best is yet to come. 

71 | SeventyOne

71| SeventyOne Power in Numbers

In the first place we are here for friends and not for everyone.

Launch Year


Although we chase disruptive momentum already for several years now, we accordingly founded 71 | SeventyOne and are chasing disruptive momentum even more.

Super CAT


Indeed, sometimes the days are long in spite of this, it is good to have, for instance, an impatient cat that consequently reminds us of bedtime despite our enthusiasm for new topics.



Nevertheless, 71 | SeventyOne remains a leisure activity for 2.5 people. In the same vein, we share the fascination of the current momentum moreover the new wave of collaborations.



In other words, our brain is continually circling and generates 1,000 of ideas. In sum, some are good, and some don’t work, or the market is not yet ready.

71 | SeventyOne

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Considering our spare time is limited, we nevertheless participated or led some exciting disruptive projects.

Hence, we initially started privately with some investments and full outsourcing collaborations. Nevertheless, we got addicted to the new disruptive world and as a result, decided to become part of it.

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71 | SeventyOne

71 | SeventyOne Tech Blog

Our blog contains reviews on gadgets and WordPress Plugins used by 71 | SeventyOne. Electronics are getting smaller and smaller, and we all seem to have our unique must-have gadgets that we never leave home without. Additionally, you can create excellent homepages with WordPress plugins, which catch the attention of others.

Finally, our tech blog 71 | SeventyOne is an independent blog written by SeventyOne. We don’t do any consulting. Besides, we do not have any relationships, formal or informal, with any technology companies or other related businesses. 

71 | SeventyOne

Our company is a collective of amazing geeks striving to disrupt tradition.

Thereupon, the word Disruption (or disruptive) originated from the Latin verb disrumpere (tearing, breaking, smashing, or passive: bursting) – means interruption, disturbance, breakage, disorder or destruction.

Innovation vs disruptive innovation

Basically, the difference between a typical innovation, as it can occur in all industries, moreover a disruptive innovation lies in the way it changes. As a result, innovation is a renewal that does not fundamentally change the market, but merely develops it further, disruptive innovation is a complete restructuring or destruction of the existing model.

For example, the invention of the CD was merely a further development of the classical gramophone. Thereafter, press plants responsible for manufacturing the gramophone adapted their processes to the new compact disc; as a result, dealers began to include the CD in their product ranges.

However, the emergence of digital music distributors such as the iTunes Music Store further Spotify, on the other hand, meant the gradual dismantling of the local music business. All of a sudden, they initiate a disruptive process. At this point, they allowed consumers to purchase their favourite songs online and allowing artists to succeed without a record label, iTunes deprives retailers and the press plant of their base in equal measure.

Therefore, why do things have to stay the way they are. Furthermore, why not rethink business models to start looking for synergies. Alongside, why does a cost centre have to be a cost centre?

Today, you can question things and have your own non-traditional business opinion. Hence, don’t be boring – finally, take the momentum and add disruptive action to your life.

Be yourself; everyone else is taken. – Oscar Wilde

71 | SeventyOne

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