Pioneering the Digital Frontier.

Riding the wave of pioneering innovation: understanding and adapting to the disruptive impact of technology in our evolving world. SeventyOne. Exclusive, transformative service for our friends and family. Innovate, disrupt, transform together.

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Exploring uncharted territories, creating groundbreaking solutions. Fostering creativity, embracing challenges. Pioneering future technologies. Driving progress, shaping tomorrow.



Challenging the status quo, redefining industries. Bold ideas breaking traditional boundaries. Revolutionizing markets, altering consumer expectations. Empowering change.



Evolution through innovation. Transforming landscapes, digital and beyond. Adapting, improving, evolving. Crafting new realities, enhancing lives. Future-focused development.

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Pioneering Innovation with Passion during Sparetime

SeventyOne is not merely a business; it embodies the transformation of passion into a professional ethos. Our venture commenced through a significant partnership on Upwork, where we collaborated with an expert freelancer specialising in Web technology. This partnership was the genesis of our mission to innovate and lead in the digital space.

Expertise Meets Community Spirit

Central to SeventyOne’s ethos is our partnership with a dedicated professional from Nepal. Their commitment mirrors that of an NGO, combined with the precision of elite website development. We aim to offer high-quality services at competitive prices, serving our close-knit community with innovations that reflect our core values and vision.

Innovation at the Heart of SeventyOne

SeventyOne is where dreams and digital realities merge, as a beacon for creativity and technological excellence. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of the web, delivering transformative solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Each project is a testament to our collaborative spirit, innovation, and meticulous approach.

Empowering Through Advanced Solutions

Innovation fuels our ambition to address current needs and anticipate and shape the future. At SeventyOne, we integrate the latest technologies with creative strategies to empower our community and clients and ensure they remain at the forefront of digital advancements.

Sustainability and Growth: Our Core Principles

Sustainability and growth guide everything we do at SeventyOne. We aim to build a sustainable business model that positively impacts our community and the environment. Our growth is measured not just in client numbers or revenue but in the development and enrichment of our community and the thriving environment we nurture for our team, partners, and clients.

In summary, SeventyOne transcends the traditional business model, merging passion with professionalism in the digital realm. With a strong focus on innovation, community, and sustainable growth, we continue to lead and inspire in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Crafting Digital Web Solutions from Concept to Completion

SeventyOne’s curated portfolio showcases our full-service capability, from initial concept to final delivery, including comprehensive SEO services. This exclusive selection, available only to our family and friends, demonstrates our holistic approach to digital solutions. It highlights bespoke websites crafted from scratch, each tailored to the unique needs of our clients, enriched with strategic SEO to ensure optimal online visibility.

Why SeventyOne?


SeventyOne merges web innovation with strategy powered by global collaboration. We harness Web 2.0, delivering impactful solutions. Beyond development, we innovate, turning challenges into opportunities. Our mission is to lead with technology and enhance collaboration and community.

10 Years of

SeventyOne’s journey into the digital realm began a decade ago, sparked by the vibrant energy of a startup needing a website. This initial project was not just a task; it was the birthplace of our passion for pioneering innovation. Over ten years, we’ve transformed that enthusiasm into expertise, leading projects that blend creativity with cutting-edge technology. Our experience, rooted in startup culture, has taught us the value of agility and the power of a well-crafted digital presence.


At SeventyOne, our success is measured through data-driven monitoring, particularly in SEO. We analyse trends and metrics to optimise strategies to enhance visibility and drive growth. Our pioneering approach ensures every decision is informed, and every action is impactful, leading to sustained success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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