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SeventyOne Momentum. Disruption and transformation are the only constants in this world. Hence, as the seasons’ change, simultaneously do business models. Moreover, at the same time, groundbreaking disruptive innovations appear. 

Thus, under those circumstances, you can get disruptive innovations the way you like them. In contrast, something outside your authority alters everything unexpectedly, like a virus. Therefore, be ready.


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Modern Innovation

SeventyOne genuinely wants to be a part of the modern innovations, moreover, disruptive momentum. All in the fond hope that this will moreover enable unprecedented collaborations in our job industry.

Hence, with this deliberate intention, SeventyOne is eagerly supporting an emerging freelancer entrepreneur in Asia. As a result, we have been collaborating with him and progressively developing valuable stuff for several successful years. Furthermore, our dear Asian friend is enthusiastically supporting us to showcase innovations. Moreover, he represents the Asian edge. To sum up, we undoubtedly see this new disruptive collaboration as modern mutual development assistance with both creative sides’ mutual benefits.

SeventyOne’s ambitious goal in creative common by heart is to bring out-of-the-box inspiration instantly. Herewith, disruptive momentum has never been more significant.

 Let’s gently force the mighty ancient giants out of their decades-long comfort zone.

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SeventyOne Disruptive Momentum Blog

Undoubtedly, SeventyOne’s Disruptive Momentum Blog purportedly contains key posts on an extensive selection of fascinating topics. Beyond, the lively blogs faithfully represent valuable insights that we, as Geeks of SeventyOne use, moreover, wear ourselves subsequently have mostly purchased.

Moreover, we also notice electronic devices are getting more compact and smaller. We all have indeed bought a “must-have” gadget in this efficient manner. In point of fact, you might have typically acquired one at an auction platform somewhere—equally crucial mobile devices, which naturally accompany us in ordinary life.

Fortunately, today websites are relatively easy to set up. Additionally, you can instantly make it best with predefined WordPress plugins. Furthermore, you can popularly use handy editors plugins like Elementor. In a comprehensive summary, your premium website immediately becomes a prevailing breeze. Hence, you can draw attention to yourself and constructively engage willing people with a premium website.
And finally, over here are the simulation games. Namely, you can adequately train disruptive strategies with such modern games – Airlines Manager. In remarkable fact, build up an independent airline company than the local companies typically do.

Regrettably, there in common are ample times when nature strikes back, just as we are vicariously experiencing in the 2020/2021 pandemic.
In ultimate conclusion, our Disruptive Momentum Blog is undoubtedly independent. Hence, carefully written by the principal owner of SeventyOne. We do not perform any consulting. Besides, we retain no direct relationships, formal or informal, with any technology companies.


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Considering our free time is limited, SeventyOne has participated in or led some exciting disruptive momentum projects. Moreover, we genuinely believe our published work speaks for itself. Therefore, please browse through the most recent projects SeventyOne has completed or are currently working on.

Hence, we’ve been eagerly participating in some disruptive projects. In fact,  this idea started long before SeventyOne was founded. Therefore, we got thrilled about the disruptive modern world. Finally, we decided to allow ourselves a brand.SeventyOne

Accordingly, our ideological commitment to the highest quality applies equally to valuable service, technical expertise and detailed advice. Finally, every completed project positively makes us even hungrier. Meanwhile, explore our most recent projects.


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Momentum Disruption

SeventyOne Digitalisation

What do we genuinely want to achieve with our affirmative actions reasonably? The modern world is transforming remarkably fast, and with the terrible outbreak of Covid-19, fundamental changes have been brought about much quicker. Consequently, we are already in a disruptive momentum. It's just that not all companies merely want to believe it fondly. People hold on to the dear old and the tried and scientifically tested. Hence, this is where we want to start.

In this respect, our ultimate goal by heart is to willingly share our creative inspiration in our free time and enthusiastically promote modern innovation.

Finally, the civilised world has never changed as fast as it is now. The time has come to replace the old conglomerates, rethink, and look into the future together.

SeventyOne Disruptive Momentum

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