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Seventyone is a niche private business that has successfully transformed a long-term hobby into a semi-professional venture. Our story started a few years ago when we partnered with a highly skilled freelancer from Upwork. This connection introduced us to the transformative capabilities of Web 2.0 technology.

Today, this freelance expert from Nepal continues to play a crucial role within our team. As a company that views our operations as a form of NGO+. We extend our expertise in crafting high-quality websites for a close-knit circle of friends and family. Every project is undertaken with meticulous attention to detail and at competitive rates.

Beyond offering top-tier web development services, Seventyone thrives in modern industries’ dynamic and disruptive landscape. We revel in the opportunity to challenge entrenched competitors, using their sluggishness and weaknesses as a platform to accelerate our professional growth.

As a company, we pledge to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements, aiming to inspire new collaborations across diverse sectors. Our ultimate ambition is to deliver superior services to our clients and positively impact our community. We continuously refine our knowledge and hone our skills to maintain our standard of excellence.

To sum it up, Seventyone is a progressive and energetic company that leverages its passion and expertise to deliver value to our clients. We prioritise innovation and collaboration, positioning ourselves to bring about positive change within the industries we serve. We believe in fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients, anchored on trust, dependability, and a shared vision for the future.

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In this swiftly evolving digital age, individuals and enterprises have abundant opportunities to build a powerful online presence and reach a global marketplace. Larger corporations are challenged to adjust to the novel, economical business models to sustain their competitive edge as share prices dip and newer brands captivate the next generation’s attention. This change in consumer behaviour is gradually eroding the worth of traditional brands.

At Seventyone, we deeply understand the significance of keeping pace with these dynamic changes and being a frontrunner in digital trends. The burgeoning e-commerce scene empowers anyone to establish an online shop and market products to an international clientele. With the advent of Internet 2.0, businesses now have a significantly broader operating scope than traditional physical retail outlets.

Moreover, the revolution in payment systems has streamlined and modernised transactions, rendering them more user-friendly and efficient. As technology relentlessly advances and reshapes the business landscape, we stay steadfast in our commitment to being pioneers in these shifts.

We aim to support businesses of all scales in navigating the fluctuating e-commerce terrain and attaining success in this digital business era. Please reach out to us today to find out how we can help you flourish in the online marketplace. Your success in the digital world starts with Seventyone.

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At Seventyone, we appreciate the significance of time as a prime resource. As such, we concentrate on unique, groundbreaking projects that can potentially create a substantial impact. Our devotion to such pioneering work is evident in the ventures we’ve successfully executed and are currently involved in, and we would like you to look them over whenever you get a chance.

Since its inception, Seventyone was conceived with a passion for investigating and mastering. We are the disruptive modern world. Our dedication towards this mission has consistently escalated over the years. We firmly believe that our work substantiates itself and are assured that our achievements will leave a lasting impression on you.

At Seventyone, we pledge to provide clients superior service quality, deep technical expertise, and insightful advice. Each project we conclude fills us with pride, fuelling our motivation to overcome future challenges.

To further understand our work, we encourage you to delve into our portfolio to witness our transformative influence on our clients’ businesses. We express our heartfelt gratitude for considering Seventyone for your upcoming disruptive project. Engage with Seventyone, where we transform disruptive ideas into impactful realities.

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As we witness a rapid transformation of the world, it is imperative to contemplate the objectives of our affirmative actions. The outbreak of COVID-19 has induced unprecedented changes, propelling us into a disruptive momentum. However, not all companies are willing to adopt these changes, holding on to old ways that are rooted in tradition and conventional methodologies. It is time to relinquish these outdated approaches and embrace modern innovation to keep up with the pace of change.

Our primary goal is to share our creative inspiration and zealously promote modern innovation. We acknowledge that the world has never witnessed a transformation as rapid as it is now. We must let go of old conglomerates, reassess our strategies, and collectively look towards the future to keep up with the times.

In summary, let us embrace the potential of the present moment and chart a path towards a brighter tomorrow.


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Welcome to the seventyone influential blog on crucial innovation. Our website offers a wealth of informative blog posts covering various technical topics. Our article categories offer transparent navigation to help you quickly find the content that piques your interest. Moreover, as a non-profit organization, we appreciate any modest donation to support our ongoing work.

In today’s world, hundreds of gadgets and innovations at home and work surround us. From small pocket-sized devices to iconic skyscrapers, countless innovations capture our attention. At seventyone, our team is dedicated to exploring and sharing the latest trends in technology and innovation. We aim to keep our readers informed and inspired about the field’s newest and most essential innovations.

If you have a gadget or innovation, you want us to review. We are more than happy to make ourselves available. However, we reserve the right to decline any lucrative offers and always act with ethical considerations in mind. At seventyone, we are committed to providing honest and objective reviews that help our readers make informed decisions.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts on new gadgets, necessary services, dynamic simulations, and features that transport us to another world. Check out our latest review of Sonos Speakers, SBB Supersaver Tickets, Apple Pay, and Upland, a virtual world that brings real-world economics to life.

Thank you for visiting seventyone, and we look forward to sharing more exciting innovation news with you soon.

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