Yuka App – Review

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Yuka Mobile App Review
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Food and Cosmetics Scan

Yuka is an app that analyses food or cosmetic products. A tool for analyzing food data, Yuka was launched in France less than two years ago. Hence, the phone application is most widely used in France. As of today, it is also available in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, they hope to spread to the United States and Canada before the end of the year.

When you shop, you may already get tormented your mind to know which product you prefer in a department, to understand via the label whether that other product is right for your health. 

Finally, for unrecognized products, users get the opportunity to contribute by adding product information directly to the application and attaching photo evidence.

Yuka Check your food

Additives, Colourants, Fats

The Yuka application tracks the contents of shopping carts. This app is enough to guide the consumer in his purchases. However, some fall into an obsessive logic of control.

Collaborative basis and simplicity

To use Yuka, simply scan the product’s barcode to bring up the information on the screen:

  • The nutritional quality (fats, sugars, etc.)
  • The additives (colourants, preservatives, etc.)

Also listed are possible labels such as those of organic farming. Hence, check out Coca Cola Zero Sugar for its Yuka ranking.

These three elements get weighted at 60, 30 and 10% respectively in a final score, classified according to a colour code ranging from green for a healthy product to red for those of lower quality.

For all these, a recommendation for similar products of better quality gets indicated. After the scan, all the elements detected get classified into two categories: qualities and defects, for simple and straightforward. reading.

Logo Yuka App

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Yuka has a certain playful side that appears quickly. Knowing what’s on the plates becomes a priority for many consumers, who should find their happiness with this application with its colourful and refined design.

Salt too salty

Yuka has a certain playful side that appears quickly. Knowing what’s on the plates become a priority for many consumers, who should find their happiness with this application with its colourful and refined design.

Moreover, some scans ensure surprising discoveries. In the drinks section, Contrex mineral water is equipped with a light green “Excellent, 100/100” indicator light, with only one indication: 0 g of salt. 

Coca-Cola, without real surprise, gets the score of 0/100, radical. Direction the condiments: the sea salt La Baleine collects a “mediocre” orange light, the note goes down to 42/100, because the salt is… too salty! Moment of embarrassment by noticing “presence of dubious additives”, without further clarification. 


French supermarket chain Intermarché said it will remove 140 food additives by the end of 2020, changing 900 food recipes in the process.

They will use the popular phone application Yuka used by 11 million people in France to scan products and find out what additives are present in them.

As a fact, Yuka says that at least 95% of its users stopped buying products with controversial additives, according to an impact study they conducted with 230,000 users.

Yuka Food history scaled


Sometimes you can sin, too. Not surprisingly, a disruptive kind of gamification sensitizes you to eating habits. In many shops you suddenly see people scanning barcodes, moreover putting the product back on the shelf and try another one.

Hence, at SeventyOne there are therefore only rarely Zweifel paprika chips…

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