Best WordPress Plugins 2021 for Beginners

Best Wordpress Plugin
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Must-have WordPress Plugins 2021

Are you looking for the best plugins for your WordPress website? Over here is our selection to make your website shine.

Meantime, we are repeatedly inquired by our colleagues which plugins to use. There are almost 60,000 plugins on the market, but it is not easy for beginners to find their way around.

However, with the right set of plugins, you can get started and here is our small selection.


Elementor is a page builder that you integrate as a plugin into your WordPress installation.

It is one of the most used design plugins with over 5 million active installations and over 5,100 5-star ratings.

Moreover, the standard version of Elementor is free and already offers many practical functions. You can already create intricate designs with it via drag-and-drop and a live preview.

With the paid version – Elementor Pro – you can even develop your WordPress theme in the same way. Hence, we opted for the Pro version because of the many features available, including the Elementor templates.


SE Ranking Affiliate Program

Yoast SEO

Needless to say, an SEO plugin should not be missing. My personal favourite is the free Yoast SEO. It offers you exactly the functions you expect from a plugin for search engine optimisation.

After installing the WordPress SEO plugin, you will find a new box below the editor for pages and posts. At this place, you can see a preview of your snippet of the search results page. With a click on the respective elements, you can precisely define your title and meta description tag.

Besides, the plugin allows you to set images for sharing on Facebook and Twitter and descriptions and titles for them.

You can also define settings for the meta robots and, if necessary, even store a canonical URL. This WordPress plugin also evaluates the readability of a text.

Therefore you enjoy all the settings and control options you need for good search engine optimisation. You can get the Yoast SEO plugin for free in the WordPress plugin directory.

Finally, SEO Yoast is a handy add-on module to align your website with Google ranking standards.

Please also read our review on Yoast SEO from 2019.



Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is one of the highest-rated and most popular plugins on the market. It offers not only comprehensive functions and valuable features but also an easy and intuitive user interface.

The programme reliably performs manually initiated or timer-automated backings of WordPress files, WP databases, plugins, themes, designs, and users’ cloud options. Separating distinct backup components or objects in terms of time or content is possible, as is a separate backup of the database and files. If necessary, the data backup can be restored directly via the WordPress control panel (dashboard), either completely, by individual databases, by file or by component (e.g. all installed plugins). You can utilize traditional backup media like Amazon s3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, encrypted FTP and SFTP. We at Seventyone use Dropbox, and it works effectively.

Predefines back-up schedule

Updraft allows backup runs to be scheduled by the hour, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly via a timer. With this option, it makes it noticeably more comfortable to apply a generation concept for data backup.

Moreover, it is possible to split complex websites into several archives for backup purposes. Every backup and reload process is fully logged in debug mode. If a complete or correct backup of the data is not possible at the scheduled time (e.g. due to a shutdown of the system), the failed or interrupted backup process is automatically repeated at the following possible time; all aborts are noted in the internal backup log.




Wordfence is one of the most successful WordPress security plugins, with over 3,000,000 active installations reached August 2020.

The firewall is consistently up to date with the latest firewall rules and malware signatures, as it updates itself in real-time via the Threat Defense Feed. As a result, Wordfence detects and obstructs unwanted traffic promptly, defending the site even when security vulnerabilities exist. The real-time IP denylist blocks all requests from IP addresses that have become conspicuous.

Because the plugin runs on the user’s server’s endpoint, it provides better protection than cloud alternatives. Wordfence uses the user’s identity information, so encryption cannot be interrupted and bypassed as with cloud solutions.

Wordfence Malware Scanner

The integrated malware scanner blocks requests containing malicious code. Hence, it prevents brute force attacks by intentionally limiting login attempts. Moreover, spam, unaccredited forwarding and unauthorised access to code are controlled. The security tool checks files, designs and plugins for malware in real-time. Even published comments that link to conspicuous URLs or contain questionable content are reliably detected.
The pleasing thing about it: Wordfence continuously navigates the dedicated website for known security vulnerabilities and adequately warns in case of potential problems with an email.

Password protection - Wordfence

The security solution’s password protection offers a captcha-protected login page and two-factor authentication. Hence, it instantly makes it impossible for automated bots to log into the backend and allegedly manipulate data and codes.



Broken Link Checker

The more articles you publish on your blog, the more internal and external links (hyperlinks) you will have set. Needless to say, this can instantly cause you to lose track of the link jungle.

However, you want to make sure your readers find the right page when they click on one of the links.

You should routinely check if all links are still working. You could expand each article individually and follow all the links it contains and test them manually. It is much more comfortable and, above all, faster with the Broken Link Checker plugin.

This link checker plugin performs all the work for you. It checks all links on your blog after a predefined interval and displays so-called broken links. What’s great is you even get an email notification when a broken link is detected.

In addition to the links, the plugin also checks your blog for missing images – two birds with one stone.

The Broken Link Checker is available for free in the WordPress plugin directory.



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