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Weber Grill Q electric grill
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Weber Q 2400 - Ideal for terrace or balcony

The Weber Q 2400 electric grill is the ideal solution for the patio or balcony, furthermore the quick deployment. Hence, with its new dark grey look, the Weber Q 2400 is a real eye-catcher and thus offers the perfect combination of barbecue taste and a modern lifestyle. 

Moreover, as an electric grill coupled with an incredible 2,200 watts of power, it guarantees tasty barbeque results and is a disruptive innovation compared to conventional grills.

Cooking field

Another critical point is the cooking area, which is rectangular to have as much possible space. Ultimately, it means that every small corner is good enough for your barbecue. After all, the cooking surface has dimensions of about 54 x 39 cm, which leaves the desired grill pattern on your steak.

Electric Heating Elements

Evidently, the heating element of the Weber Q 2400 Stand is located directly under the grill surface. Besides, it is visible and recognisable as a vast heating spiral. In other words, it is a spiral, which goes over the entire grill surface. It concerns thereby a long-lived heating spiral, which is self-cleaning. Another significant attribute of this grill is the dirt tray. 

It is not built into the grill but takes its position underneath the heating compartment. This makes withdrawing this part easy. Finally, an aluminium heating reflector ensures perfect heat distribution.

Equipment - Weber Q 2400

Like the Weber Q 2400 stand, specific equipment should not be missing even with a small barbecue. Hence, the electric grill has an unusually high lid. The Grill lid and tub consist of easy-to-clean cast aluminium. But how do you clean them properly? At the moment we buy a new grill every four years.
However, a grease trap protects the heating element. This catches all fats and juices, can be easily removed and emptied.

On the sides of the grill, there are small shelves. These offer you additional space on the Weber Q 2400 stand. When the side tables are not needed, they can be folded down effortlessly. You can order the grill with its stand. This offers you a comfortable working height.

We refer quite often to Weber’s Grill Bible for new ideas, and we have never been disappointed.

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Food on the Weber Q 2400 Grill

Steak2.0-2.5 cm7-9 minutes55-58° CDirect
 2.5-3.0 cm12-15 minutes55-58° CDirect
 3.0-4.5 cm12-15 minutes55-58° CDirect
 4.5-5.0 cm14-17 minutes55-58° CDirect
Beef Chops2.0-2.5 cm14-16 minutes55-58° CDirect
Burger2 centimeters10-12 minutes55° CDirect
Escalopes1.0 cm4-7 minutes58-60° CDirect
Veal Chops2.0-2.5 cm8-10 minutes60° CDirect
Medaillons2.5-3.0 cm10-12 minutes60° CDirect
Loin200 gramms5-7 minutes55° CDirect
Breast120-160 gram12-15 minutes72° CDirect
 160-200 gram15-18 minutes72° CDirect
 200-250 gram18-20 minutes72° CDirect
Aubergines1 cm5 -8 minutesDirect
Asparagus1 cm6-8 minutesDirect
Corn on the cobWhole15-20 minutesDirect
GarlicTinfoil (Whole)45 minutesIndirect
Mushrooms –8-10 minutesDirect
OnionsHalved35-40 minutesIndirect
Skewer2 cm8-10 minutesDirect
TomatoesHalved6-8 minutesDirect

While a temperature sensor is always recommended, the above is an approximate indication of the grilling time. You can get reliable temperature sensors from AliExpress.

The Q 2400 in Action


It is a perfect grill. Thanks to its own stand, the Weber Q 2400 Stand does not require any particular parking space. Lack of space is no problem with the small dimensions of the barbecue. The barbecue food can also be put on practically directly. The grill does not produce too large clouds of smoke and the aspects of the grill make it ideal for balconies of any size. Weber Q2400 is a must-have for those who want to have a versatile, high-quality, moreover, best outdoor electric grill.

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