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Veja is the most trendy vegan sneaker. The shoes of the French label Veja have only been around since 2005. They have a wide model range and quickly catch the eye with their distinctive V on the outside of the shoe. The basis of the label is fair working conditions, fair raw material prices, a transparent manufacturing chain and sustainable production.

The breathable upper material of the running shoe is made of 100 per cent recycled PET bottles, as we already know from Nike’s Space Hippie collections. The lining is made entirely of recycled polyester, while the insole is composed of three different materials that also focus on sustainability: Sugar cane and recycled polyester. The outsole is also a mixture of natural rubber, rice waste and synthetic rubber. The company pays a fair price to the workers for organically grown cotton from Brazil.

Vegan shoes

We’ve been with a lot of fashion hypes. Honestly, we didn’t buy the first shoe out of conscience. The design of Veja sneakers doesn’t come from anywhere either but is based on ideas from the 70s. Minimalist low-cut trainers with timeless colours and slim cuts are the brand’s flagship. You can hardly get more casual than Veja sneakers! Visually, the shoes remind us of court styles from Adidas, like the Stan Smith or Nike classics like the Internationalist or the Air Force 1 Low. The brand offers a wide range of models and colourways.

Veja V-10

Like all Veja models, the V-10 was produced in Brazil under the fairest working conditions and from sustainable materials. The model comes with an upper made of either vegetable-tanned leather, B-mesh or vegan CWL material, while the inner lining is made of biologically degraded cotton. The sole is also made from sustainable natural rubber.

As versatile and trendy as the eco-sneakers are – they have one catch: The bright white becomes increasingly faded the more you wear them. But with a few simple tricks, you can make your new favourite shoes shine again.

We now have several Veja sneakers that have replaced the classic Stan Smith. For longer walks, however, our preference is still our On shoes.

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  1. I bought Veja sneakers in April to have a practical shoe for running and leisure that you can wear barefoot and doesn’t look “eco”!
    This result has been achieved perfectly with the Veja sneaker! It is super comfortable, you have a pleasant foot climate, neither the shoe nor the foot smells unpleasant after prolonged wear, and it looks good. A bit classic, with leather on the front and canvas on the side. All this in a quality you can wear with a clear conscience! Whether you’re on holiday exploring an island, taking a city tour that lasts several hours or simply cycling around, it can withstand a few drops of rain without any problems.

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