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Upland is a metaverse powered by the EOS blockchain. It lets players own virtual properties mapped to real addresses on Google Maps. The Upland game is user-friendly, making it easy for gaming enthusiasts and cryptocurrency novices to start. It is available on PC and mobile platforms. Users must buy virtual land and unique and non-fungible tokens to play Upland.

Besides, it is a game for players to purchase NFT-based properties mapped to real locations. The number of NFTs available is limited due to the scarcity of real addresses. In Upland, users can use fiat currency to buy the native UPX token to acquire these virtual properties. Consequently, Several factors influence the prices of NFTs in the game. These include UPX liquidity, moreover, actual market conditions and property availability.

In parallel, the metaverse world has launched another token called SPARK. They define it as “the mechanism by which real estate development is enabled”.

Tips for upland beginners

As a new user, you want to start by creating some collections in the primary areas where you have already appeared. Initially, it would be best to look for affordable properties, as you will have little money.

The cheaper, the better. Hence, So these collections on the far left of the screen are the best because they are the most affordable. And over time, you can move up to better areas.

Remember to meet the requirements of the collections to get the bonuses. If three properties are required, you must have at least three properties in that area to get the most out of the bonus collections.

Upland is a game where players acquire NFT-based properties assigned to real locations. The number of NFTs available is limited due to the scarcity of addresses in the real world. In Upland, users can buy the native UPX token with fiat money to purchase these virtual properties. Several factors influence the price of NFTs in the game. These include the liquidity of UPX, the market conditions in the real world, and the properties’ availability.

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