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It all started at Uber with a simple idea: What if you could order a ride with your smartphone? What began as a simple thought soon became a global brand that strives to bring you closer to your goals worldwide.

The principle is simple. You can start using the service if you have registered your phone number and your credit card via the app. A road map with your current environment is displayed when you open up the app. Forthwith you can either type in your exact location or set it yourself using a pin.

Hence, the next step is to enter your destination. As a user, you can then see how far away the next vehicle is from your location, moreover, how long you have to wait for it. As a consequence, the app also shows the fare.

With Uber, you are no longer restless, sliding back and forth in the back seat because you can never be sure whether the taxi driver led you to your destination as quickly as possible. Moreover, whether the money you still have in your pocket would be enough. Besides, the approximate arrival times were gone, like “the taxi should be there in approximately one hour”.

Uber - how it works

When you send a request for a ride, it automatically goes first to the closest driver. The driver is then “pinged” and has 15 seconds to accept or reject the trip.

Once the connection between driver and passenger is successfully established, a photo of the other person is displayed. You get additional information on the vehicle of the uber-driver as a user. Subsequently, there is also the possibility of contacting each other in case of difficulties in finding each other. Thus, as a user, you can track the arrival of the Uber car on the app and always see exactly where the driver is.

When you have entered the app, you can, if you wish, also follow the ride on the app. And so you can also tell your friends about your arrival time.
The fare price is shown before your ride acceptance. The payment happens via your stored credit card after the ride. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the cash since you cannot pay the driver in cash.

The invoice is sent by e-mail shortly after the journey. It is also possible to have business trips specially billed or to split the price among several passengers on the same trip. You can also tip the driver for excellent service, which pushes your rating.

Dynamic Pricing Model

Uber has found an intelligent way to keep its prices low as a pure collaboration platform and based on a dynamic pricing model. Since the company does not have to maintain cars and does not have to worry about formalities such as taxi licenses.

The exact fare depends on several factors: Traffic volume, distance, estimated journey time and the current number of requests.

Uber has at least as many fans worldwide as enemies. With its technology, Uber was one of the first to discover a huge supply gap: people want to be brought cheaply from A to B. The company’s innovative app, with functions such as cashless payment and real-time driver viewing and the simple option of earning money as an uber-driver, did the rest. The app spread at a rapid pace.

No question about it, the company has developed a genuinely disruptive mobility concept with its technology. Apart from the criticism of the company’s safety standards by many local authorities and taxi associations, there is also general scolding from all sides — especially the business culture and individual controversial business practices of Uber.

The service is a highly disruptive, a taxi substitute, aggressive and mobility revolutionary. Uber does not lack superlatives. Uber and its competitors have made it possible to arrange car transportation from any location using a smartphone. This personal transportation provides all the benefits of traditional taxi services with additional conveniences.

We use uber since the early days in 2013. Please check our blog regarding revolut and its metal card.

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  1. Uber is a revolutionary transportation network company that has transformed the way we travel. Founded in 2009, the company has rapidly expanded to become one of the most popular and widely used ride-sharing services in the world.

    With the Uber app, customers can easily request rides from nearby drivers, track their driver’s location in real-time, and pay for their ride seamlessly through the app. The app also allows users to rate their driver and provide feedback, ensuring a high-quality and safe ride for everyone.

    In addition to traditional ride-sharing services, Uber has also expanded into other areas of transportation, such as UberEATS, which provides food delivery services, and UberPOOL, which enables riders to share a ride with other passengers heading in the same direction.

    Despite facing criticism and regulatory challenges in some markets, Uber continues to grow and innovate. With a presence in over 900 cities worldwide, the company constantly expands its services and invests in new technology to enhance the customer experience.

    Overall, Uber has revolutionized the way we think about transportation, making it more convenient, affordable, and accessible for everyone.

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