Uber Review

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Uber Review
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Stock Quote: UBER 54,31 -1,48 -2,65%

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It all started at Uber with a simple idea: What if you could order a ride with your smartphone? What began as a simple thought soon became a global brand that strives to bring you closer to your goals worldwide.

On a cold winter evening in Paris, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp could not get a taxi. That was when the idea for Uber was born.

Uber Referral Programm

If you are not yet a member of the Uber family, you can use the link below to register. With this link you get your first trip for free (max. value depends on the destination).

About Uber

Uber is a US company founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. At its core is Uber, an application that connects drivers with passengers. Therefore, the Uber Driving Service offers a free smartphone app for everyone to order professional or even private drivers. The driver service is speedy. On top of that, you can order your luxury limousines with just a few clicks.

The company name derived from the German word “über” … which in American means “ultimate” or “fully great”, but sounds more appealing.

Uber Review

Toyota Hybrid versus Uber Black

To some extent, we all have some sympathy for the Toyota Hybrid taxi drivers. However, but the cars are just far away from being “travel in style”, and the interior is regularly skanky. Therefore, the most average person would prefer a comfortable, clean, air-conditioned and equally expensive ride in a Mercedes S-Class.  This especially since you can choose whether you want a conversation or are forced to have one.

Uber IPO 2019

While Uber’s market value and the number of investors continued to rise, the company had to fight against numerous rivals and authorities. In China, Uber also waged a long war against its dominant rival Didi Chuxing. After a long and costly fight, Uber now leaves the Chinese market to Didi thanks to a mega-deal.

The ride-hailing provider Uber is going public after almost ten years of company history – and the public reacts split. Some celebrate the IPO of the 90 billion US-Dollar company. Others refer to the company’s crises and problems. Uber collected around 24.7 billion US-dollars in 23 financing rounds and launched a whole range of different services.

The debut was disappointing, however, after shares fell 7.6% on the first trading day.

Book a Uber

Not to mention, the principle is simple. If you have registered your phone number furthermore credit card via the app, you can start using the service. When you open up the app, a road map with your current environment is displayed. Forthwith you can either type in your exact location or set it yourself using a pin.

Hence, the next step is to enter your destination in the same way. As a user, you can then see how far away the next vehicle is from your location, moreover, how long you have to wait for it. As a consequence, the app also shows the fare.

With Uber, no more restless sliding back and forth on the back seat, because you could never be sure whether the taxi driver actually led you to your destination as quickly as possible. Moreover, whether the money you still have in your pocket would be enough. Besides, gone were the imprecise arrival times like “the taxi should be there in 5 to 25 minutes”.

When you send a request for a ride, it automatically goes first to the closest driver. The driver is then “pinged” and has 15 seconds to accept or reject the trip.

Connecting with the Uber Driver

Once the connection between driver and passenger is successfully established, a photo of the other person is displayed, as well as information on the vehicle of the over-driver as a user. Subsequently, there is also the possibility to contact each other in case of difficulties in finding each other. Thus, as a user, you can track the arrival of the Uber car on the app and always see exactly where the driver is.

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Accordingly, not only drivers but also users can cancel an already booked trip. On the condition, that this happens within the first two to five minutes after request, the cancellation is free of charge. Anyone who cancels a trip beyond that must pay the penalty. The exact amount varies depending on the city.

Uber Review

The trip

Once you have entered the app, you can, if you wish, also follow the ride on the app. And so you can also tell your friends about your arrival time.

The fare price is shown before your ride acceptance. The payment happens via your stored credit card after the ride. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the cash, since you cannot pay the driver in cash.

The invoice is sent by e-mail shortly after the journey. It is also possible to have business trips specially billed or to split the price among several passengers on the same trip. You can also tip the driver for excellent service, which is undoubtedly pushing your rating.

What about the price

As a matter of being a pure collaboration platform, Uber has found a smart way to keep its prices low. Since the company does not have to maintain cars and does not have to worry about formalities such as taxi licenses, Uber can keep its costs very low.

The exact fare depends on several factors: Traffic volume, distance, estimated journey time and the current number of requests.

Uber Review

Uber Passenger Rating

After each ride, the passenger and the driver are allowed to evaluate each other based on the driving experience from 1 – 5. The system ensures that drivers, as well as the passengers, can use it. The ratings are anonymous. It is only logical that drivers or passengers get excluded from driving for Uber or using Uber under certain circumstances.

Typical vehicles and vehicle types in Europe

  • Uber X is the cheapest offer at Uber. In many European countries, the service is also called Uber Pop. A maximum of four passengers can travel in one car. The cars are typically models like Toyota, Chevrolet or Honda.
  • Uber Green, in cooperation with myclimate, is Uber’s good conscience. Here, a maximum of four passengers (somewhat narrow) can travel in one car. The cars in our area are usually BMW i3.
  • Uber Black is the luxury service of Uber and offers black limousines. The variant “Uber Black” provides spacious space for four persons. Passengers can enjoy newer models such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and even Tesla, as well as chic dressed chauffeurs. Of course, all this costs extra.

Why do so many hate Uber?

Uber has at least as many fans worldwide as enemies. With its technology, Uber was one of the first to discover a huge supply gap: people want to be brought cheaply from A to B. The company’s smart app with functions such as cashless payment and real-time driver viewing as well as the simple option of earning money as an over-driver did the rest. The app spread at a rapid pace.

No question about it, the company has developed a genuinely disruptive mobility concept with its technology. Apart from the criticism of the company’s safety standards by many local authorities and taxi associations, there is also general scolding from all sides — especially the business culture and individual controversial business practices of Uber.


Highly disruptive, taxi substitute, aggressive and mobility revolutionary. Uber does not lack superlatives. Uber and its competitors have made it possible to arrange car transportation from any location using a smartphone. This type of personal transportation provides all the benefits of traditional taxi services with additional conveniences.

Some taxi companies have upgraded with their own app in the meantime, but their solutions cannot keep up. Besides, Uber’s days are over when you were looking for a taxi stand, had to stand in line and continuously hoped not to get the waiting car in the 10th row.

We like the service and the existing disruptive platform very much and are loyal clients. There is nothing better than using your Apple Airpods listening to your favourite Spotify playlist and sit in a Uber Black Mercedes S500 long wheelbase.

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Uber Referral Programm

If you are not yet a member of the Uber family, you can use the link below to register. With this link you get your first trip for free (max. value depends on the destination).


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