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E-Bike Fully

The Trek Powerfly has become a true classic among E-MTB. Over the last few years, the bike has received numerous upgrades. Trek has also provided the Powerfly FS 5 bike with a smart integrated battery and offers the Powerfly LT in two super prestige carbon variants to keep up with the competition.

Trek Made in the USA, Powerfly engineered in Europe

Americans know how to produce mountain bikes. The fact that Trek can build fast and efficient full-suspension mountain bikes got proven in recent years with the Fuel EX, the Remedy or the Slash.

Unlike Fuel EX, Remedy & Co., the Powerfly got not developed in the USA but exclusively in Europe. It makes sense because the E-Fully Trek targets the European market, which is the largest in the world in terms of sporty electric mobility on two wheels.

E-Bike Fully

Mountain bikes with electric drive support increase your pedalling power and the fun factor on the trail. Ride on, ride faster, discover more of the world. These words are the slogan of the new Trek Powerfly. The third evolutionary step of the E-MTB bases on a plus in user-friendliness and a tidy appearance.

Trek Powerfly5 FS: The special features

At the rear, Trek orientates itself on its Fully pallet. The Powerfly+ FS is a so-called “Full Floater”. The damper got located between two movable mounts. The lower pivot point should not get placed too far back and as far down as possible. Trek does this by making the cover for the Bosch mid-engine slimmer and smaller. Another advantage of this thinner engine cover is that the chainstays are relatively short for a 27.5-inch fully electric drive.

The heart of the Powerfly+ FS: The Bosch engine

But the slimmer engine cover is just one detail. Also, the cable guide got been integrated into the cover. Besides, a small guide has been integrated to prevent the chain from jumping off. Another Trek exclusive detail is the massive aluminium shield on the underside of the motor, which protects the electric drive from damage and shocks when touching down. 

For more accessible, more comfortable battery handling, Trek does not install the RIB (Removable Integrated Battery) of the Bosch Performance CX drive in the new Powerfly bikes from below, but from the side in the down tube. The 500 Wh energy bundle does not fall out clumsily when unlocking and can still get removed quickly and easily.

Optimized Trail Control

The software developers from Bosch have landed a highlight in the support modes and provide the user with ECO, Tour and Turbo modes and the eMTB mode. This progressive mode uses the power addition from tour mode up to turbo mode. Depending on the pedal pressure, the continuous engine support automatically adapts to the individual driving style. 

The eMTB method uses the full range of Tour mode (120%) up to Turbo mode (300%). Thanks to the much larger power window, it is no longer necessary to change support levels so often. The sensor technology of the motor control works very sensitively and allows power release even in minor dosages. 

In steep uphills, the system adds full power when the user presses the pedal fully, and in flatter sections, the system reduces the power input. All in all, this results in driving with many grips, traction and the proper motor support.

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(Almost) endless driving pleasure

All Powerfly models 2019 have Bosch’s MTB-optimized Performance CX drive system. The automatic E-MTB driving mode, in combination with the low centre of gravity of the low lying battery, allows a very sporty, agile handling, which provides uphill for excellent traction and downhill for lots of trail fun.

Besides, all Powerfly Bikes 2019 get equipped with a long-distance 500Wh durable battery, which supports you in Eco mode approx. 130km throughout. The battery has been completely integrated into the down tube, bringing the Powerfly 2019 even closer to the appearance of traditional mountain bikes.


We borrowed the Trek Powerfly 5 FS twice for a tour. During the first tour, we got misled by the name Panorama-Trail. However, the mountain bike scored well on this tour and convinced us of the quality. The second tour was much less demanding but with a constant ascent. Nevertheless, the battery at the destination used only half of the battery. This even though some participants consistently chose the “Turbo” support.

The Trek Powerfly 5 FS has given us the taste to go on a “mountain” tour more often. It offers a completely new radius of action in the mountains.

To track your progess, we recommend wearing an Apple Watch 4. Read our comments here.

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    Your article does not address engine noise, or in my case engine whine. Is this noise common with this trek model?

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