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Transport Fever 2 by Urban Games is one of the best simulation games on the PC. Can you build a good transport network that sensibly links local and long-distance traffic with air and sea transport? And will you also be able to boost the economy by supplying industrial companies and cities with sufficient goods?

When Urban Games launched the game Transport Fever in 2016, we were there as a crowdfunding investor. We spent nights playing the game. We were excited about the next Transport Fever game released in 2019. Already at this stage, it deserves the predicate best innovative simulation game on PC.

Game modes in transport fever 2

The transport fever campaign mode sends us on a journey around the world in three chapters with 18 missions – lasting 150 (game) years. For example, we were involved in the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway at the end of the 19th century, or we took over Deutsche Bahn in 1990 to realise the transport projects of German Unity. The missions are varied and serve, above all, as a kind of tutorial with which we can get to know the different game mechanics and learn the tools of the trade.

However, we prefer to play the open mode, which is easier but more pleasant. What remains outstanding, however, is the actual substance of the game: the simulation of the transport and economic cycles. At the centre of all our considerations are the cities. You want them to grow because the more expansive the towns are, one must transport the more people and goods. In Transport Fever 2, it is now always very understandable why cities grow or not. An important criterion is connecting to other towns so that the inhabitants can shop or work there.

Goods delivery

Even more important, however, is the supply of certain goods to the city. If, for example, a city needs the type of goods “merchandise”, good preliminary planning and numerous investments are necessary before one can deliver these goods to the town. First, we look for a conveniently located goods factory. For it to produce goods, it needs the raw materials plastic and steel, which we have to deliver to the factory. On the other hand, we get steel from a steel factory, which one must first supply with coal and iron ore. Plastic, on the other hand, is a product made from oil, but one must first refine it from crude oil.

Finally, to get goods at the end, we must move a whopping six preliminary products across the map beforehand. Which route and vehicles will get us to our destination as efficiently as possible? We have to answer this core question repeatedly in Transport Fever 2, and it is highly satisfying when all lines interlock at the end and our transport network harmonises. By the way, for the first time, we have cargo planes at our disposal in addition to trains, trucks and ships – the islands, that was something.

Transport Fever 2 - starting tips and cheats

First, press the pause button at the bottom right when you have started a new game of Transport Fever 2. This step will give you an overview without wasting time and money. Build your first route in peace and start the game as soon as you are ready. 

Hence, if you run out of money, you can also use the following cheats. However, it would help if you first switched to debugging mode.

  1. Click on SETTINGS in the main menu.
  2. Click on the ADVANCED tab.
  3. set the checkmark for debug mode and then click on APPLY.
The debug mode is mainly a help for developers (modders) and extends the game by a few functions like:

Windows/Linux: AltGr + a
Mac: command + a

Windows/Linux: AltGr + g
Mac: command + g

Windows/Linux: AltGr + l
Mac: command + l

Windows/Linux: AltGr + m
Mac: command + m

Far better than train fever

It is immediately apparent that the developers of Transport Fever 2 were primarily interested in working on the predecessor’s weaknesses and implementing feedback from the community regarding new and improved features. After all, the passionate fan base sustains a game like this and keeps it alive for a long time. Therefore, implementing a dedicated map editor in addition to the already established mod support is a logical step.

My favourite new feature, however, is the modular design of the transport stations. It makes designing transport routes so much more enjoyable and creative. In addition to many comfort improvements, the developers have also made an effort to add new content. The Asian vehicles and the tropical biome provide pleasant variety. Moreover, the campaign successfully offers engaging scenarios and keeps you busy for many hours with varied challenges. Hence, it’s a pity that the crashes tear me out of admiring my virtual layout far too often.

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37 Responses

  1. Transport Fever 2 is a must-have for any transportation simulation fan. The level of detail and realism is impressive, and the variety of vehicles and scenarios keeps the gameplay interesting. Highly recommend.

  2. I’ve been a fan of the Transport Fever series for a while, and the sequel does not disappoint. The graphics have been greatly improved and the added features make the game even more engaging. A great time sink.

  3. I have to say, I was a bit sceptical about Transport Fever 2 at first, but it quickly won me over. The gameplay is smooth, and the level of customization is fantastic. Worth a try.

  4. If you’re into transportation and city-building games, Transport Fever 2 is a great option. The game offers a lot of depth and replayability, and I’ve had a lot of fun creating my own transportation networks.

  5. Transport Fever is a fantastic game for those who love transportation and city-building simulations. The game offers a lot of depth and replayability, and I’ve had a lot of fun creating my transportation networks. The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is smooth.

  6. I’ve been a fan of the Transport Fever series for a while, and the original game does not disappoint. The level of detail and realism is impressive, and the variety of vehicles and scenarios keeps the gameplay interesting. Highly recommend.

  7. Transport Fever is a great game for anyone who loves transportation simulation. The game offers a lot of depth and replayability, and I’ve had a lot of fun creating my own transportation networks. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is smooth.

  8. I have to say, I was a bit sceptical about Transport Fever at first, but it quickly won me over. The gameplay is smooth and the level of customization is fantastic. Worth a try.

  9. ransport Fever is an excellent simulation game for anyone interested in transportation. The game offers a lot of depth and replayability, and I’ve had a lot of fun creating my own transportation networks. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is smooth, I highly recommend it.

  10. It is a transportation simulation game developed by Urban Games. Players take on the role of a transportation company manager and must build and manage a variety of transportation networks, including railroads, buses, and airports. The game features a wide range of vehicles, buildings, and landscapes to create a realistic and engaging experience. It also has a campaign mode and a sandbox mode. In the campaign mode, players will be given specific goals to achieve, while in the sandbox mode, players have the freedom to create their own transportation networks.

  11. Transport Fever 2 is a transportation simulation game that allows players to take on the role of a transportation company manager. In this game, players must build and manage a variety of transportation networks, including railroads, buses, and airports, to connect cities and industries. The game features a wide range of vehicles, buildings, and landscapes to create a realistic and engaging experience. With the campaign and sandbox mode, players can either achieve specific goals or create their own transportation networks. Transport Fever 2 is a perfect game for those who love to build and manage things and enjoy a realistic experience.

  12. The game’s controls are easy to learn and master, making it accessible to players of all skill levels.

  13. The game’s sound effects and music add to the overall atmosphere, making it feel like a real transportation company.

  14. Transport Fever 2 is a must-have for anyone who loves transportation and management games.

  15. Super cool game, I already played the first part, and the second one is much better because of the new engine and all the innovations it brought with it, like modular stations and much more.

  16. Entry into the game is relatively tricky when you start the endless match if you do not know or have played the predecessors. But otherwise, a solid title that keeps me personally happy.
    Pro ->
    Mods, Editor
    Detailed graphics
    you can name the tracks …
    Original names of the vehicles
    Funny missions and additional tasks
    Good localisation
    Difficult to get started

    Contra ->
    Loading times, in some places, the performance leaves a lot to be desired,

  17. I was looking forward to Transport Fever 2 because the previews on Youtube, especially the graphics, are lovely to look at. The function of the locomotive rides and the plane rides are also great, of course.

    Unfortunately, this does not compensate for what I see as a lack of depth in the game. After a few hours of play, boredom quickly sets in, as all the sequences are repeated, and you are virtually only waiting for new vehicles. It should be mentioned here that the community is currently making many new mods available that significantly expand the selection of standard cars.

    From now on, I will play with the open-source alternative again, which does not offer nearly as beautiful graphics but has a much greater depth of play.

    Translated with (free version)

  18. Unfortunately, only a Steam file to install and a voucher code are included! The game must be downloaded via Steam!

  19. “Transport Fever 2” is a construction simulation that deals mainly with track and station construction, trains and routes. We transport passengers from city to city or resources from production plants to processing plants and then to municipalities to promote their growth. Along the way, we also set up truck routes or bus networks. This starts in 1850, when only steam locomotives and carts were on the road, and continues into the present and future. The game contains a Europe setting with matching buildings, vehicles and trains, an American stage and a new Asia setting.

    In principle, it is the same game as its predecessors, “Train Fever” and “Transport Fever 1”. The new part is not a revolution but a sensibly skilful evolution.

  20. I am also a player who wonders what has been done here.
    A lot of time was invested in things that you can’t see.
    First of all: Yes, I recommend the game because TF is a good game.
    Whether Train Fever, Transport Fever or Transport Fever 2…
    If you don’t own a part, you can help yourself, and it’s worth it. If you own the predecessors, the game isn’t bad, but I don’t recommend buying it.

  21. A brilliant simulation game to play and perfect for building economic cycles to take the load off your mind.

  22. I can’t think of a single thing that truly disappointed me about Transport Fever 2. It’s elegantly presented and understands that some efficiencies are required for the sake of playability.

  23. Transport Fever 2 revives the classic genre of transport simulation. The world wants to be opened up – with transport routes on land, on water and in the air. May progress and prosperity prevail!

  24. Anyone expecting a quantum leap is wrong. Graphically, a lot has changed. New features for modular stations, bus/truck stations, airports and harbours are outstanding. Track construction is much smoother than in Transport Fever 1. Yes, the industrial system has been “simplified”, but it is also more realistic not to be able to offer everything everywhere. The independent sale by the processors when there is no onward transport does not bother either; on the contrary, it even makes sense.

  25. I’ve only played 20 hours, but I think the game is excellent.
    I used to have Train Fever 1 and thought it was great, but unfortunately, it was too fiddly and spoiled my fun.

  26. I became inquisitive when I read in reviews and elsewhere that Transport Fever 2 “didn’t make any quantum leaps” but was much easier to handle. I’ve already spent a lot of money on games and regretted some of it, so I’d instead inform myself five times too much than one time too little.
    I bought the game and didn’t regret a cent of it, you can build happily, and everything works wonderfully.

  27. In this title, we have to organize the logistic network in an area with a few cities and industrial facilities: some extract natural resources, the others process them and produce goods.

  28. If you’re new to the series, Transport Fever 2 is a great place to start. The campaign offers a gentle introduction to transportation logistics, while the late game guides you through managing modern cities. The new demand and production mechanics may annoy some more experienced players, who will also notice that this game is less of a step forwards than Transport Fever 1 was over Train Fever. Still, fans will find endless replayability as they grow and master their transport empire.!

  29. There’s much joy to to build freight networks and watching cities grow … but what about the real-world pitfalls?

  30. Transport Fever 2 offers a pleasingly detailed logistics simulation, although it does move mightily slow at times.

  31. Transport Fever 2 is a game we will appreciate in the long term. Undoubtedly, it will evolve over several years with very dense content you must explore. At a time when the player is taken by the hand systematically and where the players only little accept frustration, TF2 asks you to dig, to search and to experiment. More information on managing railway flows and crossings would be a good idea. But the satisfaction of seeing that everything is working correctly and optimising lines and routes are all rewards for your efforts. The fever is rising, and it’s not because you’re sick!

  32. I can’t think of anything that genuinely disappointed me about Transport Fever 2.