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The Geissens – Here comes a terribly glamorous family with an innovative anti-burn-out effect. At least, this is a professor’s opinion during an executive management training course. Especially top-heavy people can switch off very well with cars, beautiful places, humour and shallow profundity. The Geissens have precisely the right level regarding trash TV, which is more than can be said for many other programmes. Switch on and switch off in your head.

Even though their exact fortune is kept secret, it is possible to estimate roughly how rich the Geissens are. Robert Geiss is known to most viewers only from the TV series “The Geisses”.

The Geissens story

In 1986 Robert Geiss founded the fashion brand “Uncle Sam” with his brother Michael, which was sold in 1995 for about 100 million US dollars at the exchange rate of the time. Robert Geiss moved his tax domicile to Monaco. Robert Geiss currently earns his money mainly by buying, renovating and then selling luxury real estate and, of course, with his show on RTL 2. He is estimated to make USD 60,000 per show, which amounts to about 2.5 MM per season.

Since May 2015, the Geiss family also owns their hotel. The hotel “Maison Prestige Roberto Geissini” is located on the Côte d’Azur, near Saint Tropez. Today, his fortune is estimated at around 30 million US dollars, although no exact figure is known.

"trashy" good

Back to the anti-burnout factor. Most shows are total trash and leave you empty and listless on the couch. But a few have mastered the art of trashy reality TV, which is no easy task. “Trashy” is a term of endearment, a term for shows that capture raw human emotion that captivates you without you having to use all your brain to decipher plot, motivation or fan theories. These shows, all currently airing, have elevated trash to art and will satisfy you in the best way possible.

Robert Geiss’ sayings are unsurpassable and often find their way into everyday life. His car collection makes many people dream as well as jet-set life. It is sometimes funny how he turns over a fiver around ten times and goes into a buying frenzy afterwards.

In the end, all we have left to say is: Thank you, Robert geiss, thank you, Geissens ladies, for this innovative burn-out medicine and Carmen Geiss, please don’t confuse it with “Böööörner”.

Another tip for Robert geiss – check out Veja shoes.

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