Xiaomi Home Automation

As you can see, Xiaomi’s gateway is a great thing. We’ve been positively convinced by the functionalities and design. It works perfectly, and the setup was straightforward and intuitive. Only the translations are sometimes somewhat confusing. Unfortunately, in the one or other screenshot, you can often see the English/Chinese mix. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t criticize this too much, as the system is officially not available for the western market. Despite these points, you can work with it very well and have a lot of freedom and possibilities!

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Mi Home – Xiaomi Smarthome

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stock Quote: Mi Home – Efficient Home Automation Xiaomi Tech is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that was founded by Lei Jun in 2010 and became the short-term market leader for smartphones in China in December 2013; Huawei is currently the largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Xiaomi unveiled the Smart Home Kit for in 2015. Initially, the …

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