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The future of radio

It was only with the invention of the MP3 format in the 1990s that all music ever recorded could land on the Internet. Albeit as a pirated copy, past the initially powerful record companies. As a result, the Napster music exchange became a symbol of the new era.

After the business model of this new industry seemed to vanish into thin air, Apple saved the day: The Apple iPod player and Apple iTunes downloads for 99 cents per song convinced consumers to pay money for music again. Finally, the legal purchase was as convenient as pirated copies before.

The next step was streaming, in which the titles do not have to be stored on the device in the first place, but are played directly from the net. The success of Spotify is based on this. Nevertheless, the start-up from Sweden, which went online in several European countries on 7 October 2008 after a deal with the music companies.