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A Look At Single-Use Credit Cards

They offer another layer of protection against fraud but are not foolproof.

Identity theft and other types of fraud related to using credit cards are a way of life these days. Individuals and large corporations alike have all been the victims of such crimes. With well-publicized breaches in online security at significant companies, consumers are forced to search for better ways to protect their sensitive financial information.

These issues have led shoppers to look into safer alternatives such as single-use credit cards. They offer a more secure way to shop online but are not without their downsides.

Single-use credit cards—virtual credit cards—are designed to make online shopping safer.
These cards provide various alias numbers for the same account, typically your existing credit card account, so your account number is never revealed to the merchant.
Virtual credit cards cannot be used for in-store purchases, including those requiring you to show your card at pick-up, making renting a car or returning items difficult.

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