revolut black

Revolut black called Revolut Metal

Revolut Metal is the contactless Mastercard made of reinforced steel. It comes with a comprehensive service package around the card.

With Revolut Metal, the Digital Bank launched its First Class package. Thus, expanding its existing “Standard” and “Premium” offerings.

In addition to the usual comprehensive and mostly free of charge financial services, the Challenger Bank Revolut creates visual and tactile differences with the metal card. The look is great. Moreover, some additional services are also on board.

Revolut Black Metal. HNWI – American Express Centurion?

The card weighs 18 grams. It looks outrageously good, feels the same, made of reinforced steel. Therefore, it does not bend and works contactless. It can’t pay better than the standard plastic versions, but the paying feeling is different.

Additional Revolut Metal services

The debit card promises Cashback up to 1 per cent of the expenditures outside Europe and 0.1% within Europe. It counts on all payments executed with the card in 29 Fiat currencies. Cashback selectable in Fiat or also in cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the increased exemption limits for free withdrawals at ATMs, the package also includes free insurance for medical emergencies and dental treatment abroad. Insurance for flight and luggage delays included.

The main innovation in the scope of services for Revolut Metal, however, is the free concierge service as with other high priced cards by Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

With the Metal Card, Revolut promises “high-quality support for hotel reservations, flight bookings, exclusive events and more” at home and abroad. The availability of the personal concierge and the promised “more” could create additional differences. However, the test shows that the concierge service responds very late and that you can search for tickets on the Internet yourself. On the other hand, there is a lot of praise for the support.

Revolut Review

Revolut Digital Banking

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