Remarkable Notebook

Even in the age of computers and smartphones, handwritten notes do not go out of fashion. Many users appreciate the speed and above all, the simplicity of handwritten notes.

Tablets are nothing new We have known e-book readers for a long time. Even being able to create digital notes on displays has long since become standard. However, all these components combined in one device is an innovation. We tried the reMarkable e-Paper.

ReMarkable Crowdfunding – The Start

Everything started as so often in crowdfunding. The Paper Tablet could successfully secure its financing on Kickstarter, since some time the device is available directly without pre-order. The reMarkable wants to be more than a classic tablet but can do much less. Accordingly, it is not particularly easy to describe the reMarkable to newcomers.

Essentially, it is a massive, e-book reader. With a 10 inch display, the visible diagonal is considerably larger than that of comparable competitors, such as the Kindle. However, the screen, not illuminated, an advantage that the competition in this segment often has to offer.

Inputs made via touchscreen – but what’s the point? This is where the real unique selling proposition begins. The reMarkable wants to see itself as a digital block. A stylus, included in the scope of delivery, which can also be used to write on the tablet’s E-Ink display. Besides, the hardware attracts with a good app and some services, such as supposedly excellent handwriting recognition. Will the tablet deliver what it promises in the test? reMarkable e-Pape