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Plugin Translation. GTranslate is as good or as bad as Google Translate itself. Nevertheless, you can offer your visitors a reasonably useful translation of your homepage via this small plugin. Of course, this does not come close to professionally translated texts. With a little imagination, your visitors will be able to understand the meaning of your texts. There is also a PRO version of the plugin. This generates search engine friendly URLs of the translations as an SEO feature, which can be indexed by search engines. The tool also translates keywords and descriptions. The price for this is 59 dollars.

Under Settings – GTranslate you now set the language of your blog on the left side, and save the settings. The default language is English. If you don’t change this you won’t get any results because Google Translate tries to translate a German text from English into Italian. The German words, however, are not included in the English dictionary;-) You can also set which languages are displayed directly as flags above the translation tool and which appear in the drop-down menu. You can also specify the size of the flags. An important setting is the translation method. Here you can choose Redirect, Google (default) or on the Fly. The most elegant is the selection on the fly, where the visitor doesn’t notice anything from Google Translate.
Now you have to add the GTranslate plugin to your blog. A widget is available for this, which you simply drag onto a sidebar. If your WordPress theme does not support widgets, you will also find the code for the translation tool in the settings, which you insert at a suitable place in the source code of your blog.

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