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Chancellor Olaf Scholz is facing new difficulties in explaining himself because his statements about a meeting with banker Christian Olearius are now demonstrably contradictory. On the one hand, Scholz had declared before the Bundestag Finance Committee on 4 March 2020 that the accusations were “hot air”. More critical is the documented statement that Scholz could not provide any information on the meeting details “due to tax secrecy”. A few months later, Scholz declared in the Bundestag and twice in the Parliamentary Investigation Committee that he could not say anything about the events because of “gaps in his memory”.

The passages in the minutes that have now surfaced showing “that Scholz told parliamentarians the untruth”, according to Manager Magazin, which quotes Scholz from the minutes of the 74th meeting of the Finance Committee. If this is confirmed, then for Scholz, it is no longer just a matter of credibility and his authority. A false statement before the committee of enquiry is a criminal offence and can be punished with up to five years in prison.

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