Muse simulation

Finally, InteraXon Muse Simulation helps you to meditate quickly, in a gamification mode and easily and to develop a positive meditation practice every day with only a few minutes. The Muse is the world’s first tool that gives you constant real-time feedback on your brain activity while meditating, offering interesting challenges and rewards to take advantage of your successes over time.

Muse InteraXon

Muse Headband

Reading Time: 2 minutes How does Meditation work?  Concentrate, relax, improve. InteraXon Muse has launched a smart headband to help you relax and it works. What is Muse? First of all, it is a wearable brain sensing headband. Hence, pedometers and heart rate monitors were yesterday. Muse measures and analyses brain activity. Altogether, the brain sensing band is supposed …

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