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Mountain biking is believed to have started in Marin County’s Mt. Tamalpais in the late 1960s. The “Larkspur Canyon Gang,” a band of insurrectionists, started it. However, other persons are known to have ridden bikes off-road before this. For instance, American inventor John Finley Scott created the “Woodsie Bike” in 1953 to ride off-road. The US army began using bicycles off-road in 1886 as well.

An ongoing discussion about how and when mountain biking began will likely come down to how you define mountain biking. According to Wikipedia, mountain biking is defined as “riding bicycles off-road as a sport.” Using this definition, the US army began mountain biking in 1886.

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Trek Powerfly FS 5 • Review

The Trek Powerfly FS 5 from Trek Bicycle Corporation is a versatile, confidence-inspiring, full-suspension, powered E-MTB companion. Over the last few years, the bike has
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