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It’s no secret that social media is the primary platform to market the newest music to hit the airwaves. But, while platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Spotify are all the common go-to apps for the latest hot single, one platform is taking a different approach: Snapchat. Musicians are marketing their music with a fresh approach that challenges other social media platforms. Suddenly, Snapchat is proving it’s more than just a simple video messaging app; instead, it’s a platform where new music can continue to thrive.

So, how exactly does Snapchat marketing work? First, here’s a little info about what Snapchat is. Founded in 2011 by students from Stanford University, Snapchat was the first of its kind. No other platform had content that could disappear within 24 hours of posting. This differentiator made the app more valuable and unique compared to other applications. While apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – where videos stay online indefinitely – led to significant piracy issues, Snapchat led to piracy relief for artists.

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