GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking gets its location from satellites by triangulating the area of 3 satellites.

The satellites know their location in space and see the distance between themselves.  They then measure the distance between them and your GPS tracker so that the satellites will give you the tracker’s location with high accuracy.

Many different Satellites gives you location. GPS is the American satellites, while GLONASS is the Russian satellites. We also have European satellites called Galileo, and Chinese satellites called BeiDou.

All these satellites will give you “GPS location”.  But the number of satellites and signal strength will influence both the accuracy of your location and when you get a location reading.

Most sophisticated GPS Trackers also cross-check locations between GPS, WIFI, LBS and Bluetooth to show you the most accurate site as possible.


The GPS constellation requires a minimum of 24 operational satellites. And since the world is a globe, you will only see half the sky at any given place on the globe. The GPS satellites on the other side of the world you will not be able to see.

So in a GPS tracking view, you will have access to 12 satellites where most of them will be on the horizon. This means that right above your head, you will usually have access to about 4-5 satellites. This is more than enough to get a location reading!

But if you’re in the city, with a big building blocking the horizon, you might not get a direct line-of-sight with at least 3 satellites. So this is why the GPS trackers have additional tracking options for indoor and dense area tracking.

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