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Of course, the Iraq war was a success because the dictator Saddam Hussein no longer exists. Was regime change successfully? But that was not the official reason for the war. It was the weapons of mass destruction, which the stupid inspectors of the United Nations just hadn’t found.

George W. Bush, at least until he seized the highest office in the USA, was not a travel-loving individual. When I first met him, he was sitting smiling amiably next to his interlocutor, Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, whom I was able to accompany on this visit. We did not think of the war on this occasion. On the wall hung a collection of pictures in oil, venerable predecessors of the Texan. But directly above his head, a small image. If I remember correctly, it was painted on canvas, a longhorn cattle—a home-loving man.

He needed good advisers. The most famous adviser was Condoleezza Rice, initially his security adviser. If she had had prophetic gifts, she could not have been so fatally mistaken as in that conversation with a German delegation that had travelled to Washington once again at the last moment to dissuade the Bush administration from going to war.

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