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The e-mail (English [ˈiːmeɪl], abbreviated Mail; English electronic mail for “electronic mail”, abbreviated E-Post) is, on the one hand, a system for the computer-based management of letter-like messages and their transmission via computer networks, primarily via the Internet. On the other hand, the messages themselves transmitted in this electronic way are also referred to as e-mails.

Along with the World Wide Web, e-mail is a vital internet service, not least because e-mails make it possible to send text messages and digital documents (i.e. graphics or office documents, for example) typically around the world in a few seconds.

In contrast to telephone or Internet Relay Chat, which enables simultaneous (synchronous) communication, e-mail – like letter post – is an asynchronous communication medium: the sender sends his message regardless of whether the recipient can receive it immediately or not.

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