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When Bill Clinton considers his denial that he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, he regrets the lie and believes that telling the truth could have cost him the presidency.

In January 1998, Clinton was questioned in a deposition before a grand jury about his relationship with Lewinsky, a former White House intern who had been sued for sexual harassment by another woman, Paula Jones. The president denied having sex with Lewinsky and asked her to lie under oath.

His statements caught the attention of Whitewater Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, whose investigation eventually led to Clinton’s impeachment.

Why didn’t the former president tell the truth?

“I didn’t because there was so much hysteria, and I didn’t know what Ken Starr was going to do to anybody,” Clinton said in an interview with Charles Gibson of Good Morning America. “I thought the American people almost always got it right if you gave them enough time and enough information. There was just this insanity. Everybody was saying, ‘Clinton is dead.’”


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