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SEO Tool SE Ranking
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SE Ranking - 360° SEO Application

There are numerous SEO tools like SE Ranking. We have also checked many of them and got stuck in SE Ranking. It quickly offers a lot, and the resulting tips are useful and help to improve the ranking.

Google Ranking

To know where you rank with which URLs to which keywords, keyword monitoring is essential. In the SE Ranking, you can see how your average position is in the results of the search engines in the dashboard.

Click on the small blue bar symbol at the bottom right to navigate to another window. Moreover, there you will see more details about your rankings. Here you can see the different keywords, rankings, and URLs rank for the respective keyword. You can also see a comparison, including the changes to the individual weeks. Hence, this feature allows you to continually monitor your work and the effects – positive and harmful.

The search volume should always be valuable, especially if you want to estimate whether it is worth optimizing for this keyword or not. With SE Ranking, you will then also see the monthly search volume.

SEO Analytics

In this section, you can see more traffic information. You can see where the visitors come from and your rankings. A connection to Google Analytics is necessary to get all this information. You can see how your traffic gets built up, where the users come from, i.e. organic traffic, social media, or another traffic source.

But this is also the information that comes from Google Analytics. If you haven’t connected the software to Google Analytics, then, of course, you can’t access this information. The same applies to the Google Search Console, which you can also connect to the SEO tool to access this data.


SE Ranking - Competitor Checking

If you want to know who occupies the TOP 10 for the keywords you have defined, you can also see this in the SE Ranking Tool. There you will get information like the Alexa Rank, Moz Domain Authority and the number of backlinks. You can also see the visibility here. By clarity, we mean the rankings as a whole.

Marketing Suggestions by SE Ranking

The SEO Marketing Plan is a good help – especially for beginners – to go through the corresponding work step by step. Not only can you start your project quickly, but you also have a kind of to-do list that you can go through. So you can be on the safe side that you don’t forget anything. However, we find that this list is very focused on websites that should score points in the United States of America.

SE Ranking and On-Page Analysis

A clean on-page optimization is vital to create a decent basis. From experience, it is difficult to get a lousy base to work well. Because then a lot of work is necessary to correct this accordingly. The web analysis in the test report was convincing. Here you get a useful review of your website and the points found. Based on these found errors and optimization possibilities, you can continue your work and optimize your site further.

Back Link Checker

Since backlinks are essential and you may be a link builder, it is sometimes useful to know if the links that have to get built are still online. Especially when buying links, renting links or exchanging links, specific criteria have to be considered a prerequisite. Therefore it would be good if you had a possibility concerning link monitoring.

SE Ranking Pricing

At the time of this blog, the Optimum package cost USD 18.60/month, which we think is a bit expensive. The search engine still shows a personal package, which is substantially cheaper, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find it on the website. We are lucky that we have been there since the beginning and continue to benefit from a generous discount. We recommend that you search for coupons on the Internet or wait for Black Friday.

Great User Experience

The Keyword grouping function. It makes your keyword research so much more valuable! You can group keywords by the similarity of the resulting SERPs. That has the effect that you can group content. A function that no other SEO tool that we know of allows for.


We have been using SE Ranking for several years now, and while we are indeed moving away and towards other opportunities, we have remained true to SE Ranking. With SE Ranking, you get a relatively simple but very far-reaching SEO tool, which is fun after years due to the charts. The OnPage function is beneficial and helps to make your website fit.

The iOS App is undoubtedly expandable, which comes along a little bit very lean. Nevertheless, we are always happy to check the ranking via iPhone.

My conclusion is: recommendable, and you should try it yourself.

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