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Best Price Travel - Supersaver

A disruptive innovative SBB Supersaver Ticket is the easiest way to travel inexpensively by train in Switzerland!

Now that the number of train passengers in Switzerland has continuously risen, SBB would like to attract more people to its trains with individualised prices. Hence, for times which are less busy due to the countrywide interval timetable.

Therefore, the Swiss Railways concept will also include more savings tickets – with discounts of up to 70 per cent to lure to travel at times with lower demand or on different trains. With discount tickets available up to 2 months in advance, anyone can travel by train, even on most public transport and train routes. 

SBB History

The history of SBB began in 1902 when the country decided that private railways should get nationalised. In the years that followed, numerous private companies were taken over, such as the Jura-Simplon-Railway or the Gotthard-Railway.

The railway electrifying of the network started in 1918. It took them 40 years to electrify all train tracks in Switzerland. However, the railway capacity could not keep up with the rapid economic growth in the country.

So, the private car became the means of transport of the population. Moreover, SBB was heavily indebted and had no funds for further investments.

The introduction of the hourly interval timetable in 1982 substantially improved rail transport, with the motto: a train every hour at the same time. The SBB had regained financial resources and significantly improved its transport network. In the canton of Zurich (S-Bahn) and other main connections, the huge commuter flows lead to the new double-decker trains.

The SBB Supersaver Ticket

One of SBB’s latest disruptive innovations is the Supersaver Ticket for the route as well as the Supersaver Ticket in the form of a day pass.


Travel by Train - Supersaver Ticket

Why SBB Supersaver Ticket?

Supersaver Tickets are reduced-price tickets offered when you buy your ticket online. When booking a journey, you see a percentage sign leading you to tickets that are up to 70% cheaper than the regular price. The maximum discount of 70% is only available at the very beginning of the booking period, i.e. 60 days before the start of your journey. The price will always be adjusted according to train load and booking time. 

SBB Supersaver

The SBB Supersaver Tickets at a Glance

- only bookable online
- up to 70% discount on the regular - price
- further reduction with Half-Fare travelcard
- fixed train connection

- 1st or 2nd class
- generally no exchange, no refund

With SBB savings tickets, the 1st class can be cheaper than the 2nd class. This pattern is due to the dynamically calculated prices. 

SBB Supersaver Tickets - availability

SBB does not provide any information on this. Hence, it is clear that there are train-bound quotas for low-cost tickets. If no more tickets are available, you can either travel at the regular price, switch to another connection or change your travel schedule at all.

To conclude, this means that early booking with SBB is particularly worthwhile to get tickets for the contingents you are interested in.

Double Decker SBB - supersaver

Train connection with the SBB Supersaver ticket

While you always enjoy free train choice with standard tickets in Switzerland. However, with the SBB Supersaver ticket, you have a specific train to take. Meaning, if you decide to buy a train ticket, you are bound to a particular connection shown on your online ticket, from which you may not deviate. If you miss the train, for example, because you are late for the station, you will need a new ticket. You can only cancel the train connection with the Supersaver ticket by buying a regular ticket.

It is also necessary for you to present both the original Supersaver Ticket and the new ticket at the regular price during the check on the train. You will then receive a confirmation with which you can have the Supersaver Ticket refunded to you at the ticket counter minus a processing fee of CHF 10. 

All of Switzerland - CHF 29.-- onwards

The Saver Day Pass is available in conjunction with a separate bought Half-Fare travel card. The price for such a day pass is CHF 29 and without a Half-Fare travelcard from CHF 52.

This day pass option allows you to travel through Switzerland for a whole day with almost all public transport. In addition to trains, you can also use buses, trams, Postbuses or ships. Generally, the Saver Day Pass entitles you to travel on the whole area covered by the all-inclusive “General Abonnement (GA)”.

Stay overnight






Like the Supersaver ticket, it is available up to 60 days in advance and is subject to a quota. The day ticket is valid on the registered day of validity until 5 a.m. on the following day.   

Personal Supersaver Highlights

Supersaver Ticket
Zurich – Lugano CHF 9.80 2nd class
Supersaver Ticket
Zurich – Geneva CHF 13.20 2nd class
Supersaver Ticket
Zurich – Lugano CHF 17.20 1st class


In no other country is the average number of kilometres travelled by rail per person per year as high as Switzerland. Perhaps this is why many Swiss people like to and often complain about the SBB, the Swiss Federal Railways. SBB is one of the most punctual railways in the world!

We love the Supersaver option and are happy to either travel early mornings or during the afternoon.


Are you one of those who operate the new “Volkssport” economy ticket? Write to us about your bargains.

In the meantime – sit back and relax – Apple Airpods and Spotify.

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