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Sandqvist is a brand founded in 2004 and focuses on purist design. At that time, Anton Sandqvist produced the first bag made on an old sewing machine. Brother Daniel and his friend Sebastian were enthusiastic about the idea, so they decided to find their label for bags and accessories.

Functionality and simplicity were to be the guidelines. Hence, Sandqvist has succeeded very well in this until today. After the bags in the founding years, Sandqvist gradually expanded the range. The focus is on high quality, which makes it easy for customers to choose products from this label.

The bags are very trendy and reflect an urban lifestyle. Typical Swedish influences are unmistakable in many models. Sustainability, environmental protection, functionality and durability play a significant role. In 2019, Sandqvist produced the first collection entirely fairly and sustainably. Among other things, organic cotton or recycled synthetic fibres are used.

Sandqvist - everyday

The regular Sandqvist backpacks are designed for everyday use and school. They have a large inner compartment and often a roll-top on the top. This characteristic means that the bag is rolled up above said buckle. It has less of a functional purpose and more of a visual aspect.

While everyday Sandqvist backpacks are all about the capacity in litres, what matters with these bags is that we can stow the laptop away optimally. Furthermore, a Sandqvist backpack is very easy to wash. The quality of the backpacks is impressive – we used the first one almost every day, and it still looks new.

To conclude, We already have two of these trendy backpacks. The last one we bought from Element was the Ilon in black. This water-resistant and functional backpack from our Urban Outdoor series is constructed from 100% recycled polyester. Besides, it features a 13″ laptop/Apple iPad compartment and can carry up to 18 L. Hence, just suitable for a successful business day.

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