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Well designed Power Bank

MORUI ML20 Power Bank 20000mAh Portable Charger Large Capacity Mobile Power with LED Smart Digital Display for Phones Tablet and dual USB output.

Powerbanks with 20000 mAh belong to the superpower class of Powerbanks. Only a few Powerbanks offer even more capacity. Powerbanks with 20000 mAh have enough power to recharge several smartphones and power-hungry tablets.

Unlike the ordinary design on the markets, the MORUI power bank charger has a digital display, integrating into the vertical shape. This ultra-high capacity power bank of 20000mAh offers eight iPhone X charges or five iPad mini charge.

The battery charging time is okay if you consider that you can charge an iPhone 8Plus about 6x with it or your reMarkable tablet. However, around 8 hours is still a lot.

Furthermore, unlike those dull power banks on the markets, Morui ML20 Power Bank stands out with the white and black design, combining the LED screen function with the unique design.

Hence, the weight is a negative point, but I prefer a power bank that doesn’t let me down.


You can’t help but be impressed with the Morui Power Bank 20000mAh. The power will not disappoint you. Each family member has one, and it is crazy how many times you can charge an iPhone. 

Please use the below link to order your power bank.

Order Morui Products: AliExpress.

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  1. Thank you for writing a comment on Morui, which encouraged me to buy such a powerbank. Thank you for the respective link.

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