MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 • Review

mini cooper se countryman all4

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Over the years, an entire model family has developed around the small, cuddly Mini. However, The Countryman suv accounts for 30 per cent of all Mini sales worldwide.

Four wheels always power the MINI cooper SE Countryman all4 we are currently driving: its three-cylinder petrol engine acts on the front wheels, and an electric motor drives the rear axle. Hence, For commuters and short-distance drivers, the plug-in hybrid may be an option; after all, according to Mini, its battery should provide a purely electric range in our slightly hilly region of a genuine 40 to 45 kilometres.

Charging time of the mini cooper se countryman all4 is around 5 hours at a standard socket in our area and can be set to take place during the low tariff prevailing in some regions.

The dual drive system accelerates the compact mini cooper se countryman all4  suv emphatically despite its high unladen weight of just under 1.8 tons – thanks to the four driven wheels, traction is optimal. Intermediate spurts are its strength. From 15 to 30 km/h, for example, after turning, the Countryman SE accelerates in just over a second.

The 1.5-litre petrol engine is suitably refined and restrained. The six-speed torque converter automatic handles the full range from smooth acceleration with good creep function to smooth gear changes flawlessly.

Hence, When driving in hybrid mode (battery empty or charge held), fuel our consumption averages 8.0 litres of premium per 100 kilometres. However, We mainly drive short distances and currently consume on average around three litres.

mini cooper se countryman all4: pleasure, design and lifestyle

What has remained are pleasant details such as the solid space, the precise steering and a decidedly firm chassis that is fun to drive but could be more comfortable on bad roads.

The not entirely cheap MINI Cooper SE Countryman All4 “Trafalgar” has, among other things, automatic climate control, parking climate control, LED headlights and a sound navigation system with an 8.8-inch touchscreen. Plus a pleasantly manageable number of driver assistance systems. New lights, lovely details here and there, and a lot of chics make the car an eye-catcher and great fun for the driver.

MINI is more than a car. More than pure tradition. Mini is a lifestyle. Fast, practical, stylish and sporty. You don’t buy a MINI. You buy an attitude to life.

we got our car in 2021 and love it. Check out also the report on BMW x5 M50d.

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