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MetaMask is one of the best-known browser wallets for Ethereum. You can use the Wallet to pay for services, such as in DeFi-Space, and interact with numerous platforms.

MetaMask hot wallet

MetaMask is a browser-based hot wallet, yet it is the most used crypto wallet in the world. The company was founded in 2016 and has since made a name for itself. You can store Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens in the MetaMask Wallet. In addition, the Wallet offers the possibility to store NFTs securely.

Users can easily install the Wallet on their browser, go through the registration process, and produce a brand-new crypto wallet. We’ll explain how it works directly below.

Install MetaMask

Before you can use the Wallet, you initially have to download it. The safest way is via the MetaMask homepage. You can select which browser you want to create the MetaMask Wallet at this place.

After downloading, press on the MetaMask sticker that will appear in the taskbar on your browser. Then press “Get Started” and follow the further steps to complete the registration.

However, it is essential to mention that if you lose the secret phrase for recovery, you have also lost access to your Wallet. The same happens should someone know your “code” and use it to steal your assets. Whoever has this recovery code moreover gains access to the Wallet.

Download on the App Store

How secure is the hot wallet

Many users submit an essential question: Can the MetaMask wallet be hacked? Not, but there are specific reasons why this could happen.

The MetaMask wallet is well-secured, even though it is a hot wallet. A reason for this is the 12-word phrase that is given to you when you create your account. These words are only displayed once and must be photographed or written down.

Anyone who has looked at the offers on the internet knows that there are a great many crypto wallets. In this case, we tested the Wallet from MetaMask and are more than satisfied.

Hence, it is secure, offers enough space for storing different cryptocurrencies and is fee-free.

You can use the MetaMask Wallet and never have to pay anything! Finally, this offer and all its features make it a relevant crypto wallet, which is the most popular for a reason.

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