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To be or not to be linked-in

The business platform LinkedIn positively has over 600 million active members. Hence, a revolution in business life is on the horizon and represents an innovative innovation for open-minded people.

Who needs LinkedIn

LinkedIn describes itself as a “knowledge network for decision-makers”. Above all, leading specialists, successful managers and recognised experts should network here. Consequently, those who do not appear on LinkedIn today is not present and seems ignorant of the modern world. Moreover, the business world forgives only very few people the ignorance not to be present on this channel (i.e. members of the highest nobility).


LinkedIn is more focused on business than competitor Xing on mediation by other members. Also, to expand your network, you can send requests to any member or get introduced through a common contact.

This recommendation system sees LinkedIn as an advantage over the competition because it makes the connection more serious. This rule is essential for jobs and businesses. Compelling: It is possible to rate members with whom you are networked – for example, someone is a good boss. Hence, this rating gets then displayed as a kind of seal of approval on the contact’s profile page.

Indeed it is tempting to brag to business associates that you have hundreds of connections. But what is a link worth if you don’t know the person? Therefore it is advisable to create your own rules. Hence, one of the founders of SeventyOne, with over 1,700 connections, at least shook hands with all connected people, or in practically all cases had to do business. Moreover, these people (hopefully) remember you and write to them without any problems. 

The right time to start LinkedIn

As soon as possible! Especially during your studies, apprenticeship or internship, you should ask as many colleagues as possible for a connection. All these people will end up in other inspiring companies in the next few years. SeventyOne, for example, has experienced that you will know and be able to write to people at all kinds of companies in your industry at some point in the future. Besides, you can integrate LinkedIn directly into the Microsoft Outlook application, so you always have the current contact data instead of a contact graveyard to drag before you.

Hence, check your requests and news regularly. Moreover, mark messages that you like because other people will honour them if you should share something.


The platform’s use is possible to use free of charge and is actually enough for every user unless you are active in sales. Further-reaching possibilities with other members are to be had only against payment. If you want to send a mail to people you are not connected to, you have to pay for a small free quota. The solution is a paid account, which enables direct contact. 

However, this option can be quite expensive and is not necessary for regular use. By the way, active members or those with proven connections get sometimes offered free months.

Your Profil

LinkedIn again is for professional life and not a substitute for your Facebook account. So check out the many sites on the Internet to find out what your profile should look like.

It is also crucial that you present yourself truthfully because you can be sure that other media will check your profile meticulously if anyone should ever know you. If you make false statements about your education there, it may cost you your head. The profile photo should look as professional as possible and not be a photo from the last beach holiday.

On top of everything – LinkedIn is a great job platform. Hence, based on your profile, you might land your dream job!

LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn publishes the ranking of the top influencers on LinkedIn irregularly. However, most people never reach this manually approved status. Unlike other platforms, the goal should not be to have as many contacts as possible but to have connections to help you in your business. Nevertheless, here are the top 5 influencers, according to LinkedIn and its 2018 edition:

LinkedIn Review Richard Branson - Influencer

Microsoft buys LinkedIn

The software company Microsoft bought the business network Linkedin for about 26 billion dollars. Despite this takeover, the online portal has mainly remained independent. However, the opportunity arose to network LinkedIn in Microsoft applications and services for collaboration with those you work with.


In the beginning, LinkedIn seems to be similar to recording a contact somewhere else. Over time, however, new constellations arise when former colleagues suddenly switch to other companies. You probably find yourself on a particular career ladder and can, therefore, sometimes fall back on former colleagues.

This circumstance can be the case, for example, if you want to change your job and a former colleague is already working for this company. Hence, we have been active for many years, and while we were all simple employees at the time, our colleague list now includes numerous CEOs, COOs and other C-Levels.

Therefore – start early and maintain the profile continuously. Moreover, you will all be able to benefit from this platform at some point.

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