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Life Cycle automatically keeps track of your daily routine in the background and displays your life in a pie chart. It shows you your activities and the places you spend time. The Life Cycle weekly journal provides personalised insights and clarity about your past week. Start each week by looking back. Remind yourself of where you have been. You can also see the whole thing in the monthly view, but even more interesting in the yearly report. Did you work more or less this year? Spent more or less time with friends?

Life Cycle Track your time is a digital diary that enriches itself. In addition, the app also offers the option of creating notes directly in the app and assigning them to places and activities. In this way, the automatic digital diary also becomes a manual diary. After a short time, Life Cycle uses the GPS to recognise where you usually work, go to the dentist or how many hours you sleep. Since we take it exactly, it takes maybe a minute a day to briefly check the entries. As a final feature, the app offers a Google Maps location history-like list of places visited.

Life Cycle - iOS App

Life Cycle is an app for all those who like to keep track of their own time without having to do much work on it themselves. The pie charts and activity tracking are entirely free in the app. For the more advanced per-activity analyses, you need an in-app purchase for USD 10.50/year, possibly higher for new users.

The good thing is that the app only uses about 1% of the battery power in the background. How this is done remains a mystery to us.

We have been using the app since 2017. Life Cycle by Northcube is probably one of the few apps we have used for six years. Especially in connection with the Apple Watch fitness interface, workouts are also recorded accurately.

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We have been using the app since 2017, which initially took some tackling.

Life Cycle – track your time by Northcube is one of the few apps we have used for six years. Especially in connection with the Apple Watch fitness interface, workouts are also recorded accurately.

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