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The Korat cat (มาเลศ) is a living good luck charm in its home country Thailand. The cat is also known as the Si-Sawat (luck and prosperity) cat. According to old literature, the silver-blue cats with emerald green eyes are said to date back to the 14th century. Wherever they are found, all Korat cats can trace their pedigree back to their roots in Thailand.

The clever and stubborn Korat cat is possessive of its owners. They like to stay close by and will not abandon them for strange visitors. Korat cats give their heart to one or two people whose company they prefer or with whom they spend most of their time. They are quite willing to accept affection from others gently. Be aware of this attitude before getting a Korat cat, just in case it drives you crazy.

cat allergy

Most people believe that the reason for a cat allergy is the cat’s hair. But this is only partially true because the trigger is a tiny protein called “Fel d1”. Behind this term is the Latin name for a domestic cat (Felis domesticus). It is often referred to as a cat hair allergy because Fel d1 attaches itself to the cat’s hair and uses it as a means of transport. Accordingly, it is easy for the cat allergen to reach any place and get stuck there. Therefore, there is hardly any escape for a cat allergy sufferer.

Why does the Korat cat appear on our blog? The coat grows short and lies close to the body. Furthermore, the Korat cat loses hardly any hair. This fact makes the Korat cat suitable for most allergy sufferers. It is not an innovation; traditional innovations combating allergies for cat lovers also find their way into our blog.

Korat cat - a friend

The heart-shaped head of the Korat cat also shows a heart-shaped nose and ears set high up, which give the cat an alert and lively expression. Like many kittens, oriental beauty is born with blue eyes. These turn a light amber as they grow and continue to change until the cat is fully developed. Finally, the eyes of the Korat cat shine in a bright green-golden tone.

The relatively short neck joins directly to the chest, the shoulders slightly broader than this. Cats weigh between 4.5 and 5.5 kilograms, while males weigh about 5.5 to 6.5 kilograms. Life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years. It depends, in particular, on the cat’s lifestyle and health.

Korats appreciate the attention of a child who treats them with respect, and they enjoy playing and learning tricks. If properly supervised, they can be a good companion for children. In a new home they adapt quickly and build close relationships with family members. For instance, our cat lives in two apartments and there is no problem at all.

Korat cat - few breeders

Korats are energetic cats who love to play or learn habits and live by them. It is relatively easy to teach them rules if you reward them. Although Korats can have likes and dislikes, they are generally calm cats that like a quiet environment. Korat cats can be talkative and make many different sounds when they want to make their opinions known. She demands attention from her humans and enjoys extensive cuddeling.

It is advisable to keep Korats as indoor-only cats, which they prefer anyway. Ours only go out on the balcony on hot summer days and avoids the secured balcony in autumn/winter.

With its silvery blue coat and large green eyes, the Korat is one of the most beautiful cats we have ever seen. In addition, the Korat cat is suitable for most allergy sufferers. A Korat cat also wants to be a member of the family and is very affectionate. It still keeps its character and demands respect. So it is not a cat that you can touch.

Finding breeders in our region is challenging because the pedigree is one of the predicates connected with such a cat. Assume that such cats have long waiting lists.

Korat FIFe-Standard

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