Kenwood Elite Kitchenaid
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Kenwood - the kitchen helper

The Kenwood Chef Elite Titanium is on duty with us every two days. Mostly for kneading bread dough and as a crusher. Accordingly, the machine is always ready to hand in our kitchen and gets not put away. Hence, the model Elite Titanium is so beautiful that it became a jewel in the kitchen.

Why do people buy it?

Correspondingly when the coronavirus has come over Europe, we thought about what we would do if we were not allowed to go outside up against we wanted to have fresh bread. Analogous, we have also accumulated all kinds of small appliances over the years. Hence, these little helpers have taken up an incredible amount of space. So for us, it was a consolidation of the devices or, even better, a real specialised tool.

Kenwood Elite Titanium

Kitchen gadgets such as food processors are back in fashion. But when stirring dough brings too few customers, young vegetables like Gordon Ramsey help. Kenwood is known for big kitchen machines and now offers the Kenwood Compact Kitchen Machine for singles and couples.

The lowest common denominator of a Kenwood kitchen machine is the dough kneading function. With the planetary mixing system, the bowl rim gets grasped, and mixtures get prepared homogeneously. Even different types of dough can get produced.

Kenwood Elite Titanium - the Bentley

The machine of the renowned kitchen machine manufacturer leaves the competition behind, especially in the categories of handling and equipment. Unquestionably when it comes to noise, safety and installation, the Kenwood kitchen machine is the only one to achieve a top result. In addition to the outstanding performance, the test particularly emphasised the smart interior lighting of the mixing bowl in the Chef Titanium and the undercurrent function, e.g. for gently mixing beaten egg white.

Fancy Gadget - Interior Light

Particularly at Christmas time, high-performance kitchen machines are being sought for various baking projects. Chef Titanium is the first and only kitchen machine with interior lighting for mixing bowls and is designed to meet the needs of hobby and professional bakers. We are particularly pleased that it is now asserting itself with its performance and versatility.

In addition to the unbeatable performance in kneading short pastry and beating ice cream, the Kenwood Chef Titanium convinces in terms of processing and quality.

Kenwood Accessories

Besides, the model can be expanded with over 25 practical accessories to suit your own needs. The flour mill grinds its flour, the drum melter grates chocolate or nuts and the berry press processes soft fruit varieties. For delicious baking creations according to your taste.

KVC 7300S, KVC 7320S, KVC 7350S and KVC 7380S

The good news is that it is the same basic device. However, the accessories are different, so it is essential to think about it initially because a later purchase of accessories might be more expensive. Accordingly, we have chosen the 7320S version, which includes the following accessories:

  • Chrome steel bowl
  • Splash guard
  • Swinging broom
  • K-hook
  • Dough hook
  • Flexi-Stirring element
  • Spatula
  • TermoResist glass mixing
  • Underlift stirring element

At the same time, we also ordered the multi-shredder KAH647PL and the ice cream machine AT956A.

Best food processor: Kenwood Elite Titanium

Similarly, Kenwood or KitchenAid? Which food processor is the right choice depends on your needs and cooking habits? With this purpose in mind, if you are a passionate baker, like to experiment with dough and have an eye for beautiful design, then KitchenAid is the ideal partner in your kitchen!

This food processor is also suitable for medium, moreover, to large families. However, if you want to have your kitchen machine cut raw vegetables, stir and mix the dough, then Kenwood is the right choice. That is to say that this food processor is also very suitable if you have a huge family or if you like to cook, bake and prepare food for your visit. 

Undeniably, the Kenwood Elite Titanium was our top choice after comparing the two models in depth. However, one must say – it was more the accessories and the more modern. 


Aesthetic, versatile and merely robust. Hence, the best food processor for us is the Kenwood Chef Elite. Moreover, it is top-of-the-line and can be used in many applications thanks to its extensive range of accessories. Furthermore, it also beats the popular KitchenAid Artisan thanks to more modern technology – and is even a bit cheaper. Compared to other manufacturers’ models, the Chef Elite is also our favourite, albeit only just. As a matter of fact, all Kitchen Machines from Kenwood are top-notch.

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