Kenwood Elite Titanium • Review

Kenwood Elite Titanium Review

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The Kenwood Chef Elite Titanium is on duty with us every two days. Primarily for kneading bread dough and as a crusher. Accordingly, the machine is always ready to hand in our kitchen and gets not put away. Hence, the model Elite Titanium is so beautiful that it became a jewel in the kitchen.

Correspondingly when the covid-19 has come to Europe, we thought about what we would do if we were not allowed to go outside against what we wanted to have fresh bread. Analogous, we have accumulated all kinds of small appliances over the years. Hence, these little helpers have taken up an incredible amount of space. So for us, it was a consolidation of the devices or, even better, an accurate technical tool.

Kenwood Elite Titanium - the Bentley

The machine of renowned kitchen machine manufacturers leaves the competition behind, especially in the categories of handling and equipment. When it comes to noise, safety and installation, the Kenwood kitchen machine is the only one to achieve a top result. In addition to the outstanding performance, the test particularly emphasised the bright interior lighting of the mixing bowl in the Chef Titanium and the undercurrent function, e.g., gently mixing beaten egg white.

High-quality kitchen machines are being sought at Christmas for various baking projects. Chef Titanium is the first and only kitchen machine with interior lighting for mixing bowls and is designed to meet the needs of hobby and professional bakers. We are particularly pleased that it is now asserting itself with its performance and versatility.

In addition to the unbeatable performance in kneading short pastry and beating ice cream, the Kenwood Chef Titanium convinces in terms of processing and quality.

Besides, you can expand the model with over 25 practical accessories to suit your needs. The flour mill grinds its flour, the drum melter grates chocolate or nuts and the berry press processes soft fruit varieties. For delicious baking creations according to your taste.

Aesthetic, versatile and merely robust. Hence, the best food processor for us is the Kenwood Chef Elite. Moreover, it is top-of-the-line and can be used in many applications thanks to its extensive range of accessories. Furthermore, it beats the popular KitchenAid Artisan thanks to more modern technology – and is even cheaper. Compared to other manufacturers’ models, the Chef Elite is also our favourite, albeit only just. All Kitchen Machines from Kenwood are top-notch.

Kenwood is owned by De’Longhi an Italian manufacturer of household appliances based in Treviso. The company is best known for its coffee machines. 

Of course we paid for the machine with Revolut.

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46 Responses

  1. The Kenwood Elite Titanium Kitchen Appliance is a top-of-the-line option for any home chef.

  2. With its sleek titanium design, this appliance is sure to elevate the look of any kitchen.

  3. The Kenwood Elite Titanium Kitchen Appliance offers powerful performance, making it perfect for any recipe.

  4. This versatile appliance can handle any kitchen task, from mixing to chopping to blending.

  5. The Kenwood Elite Titanium Kitchen Appliance is a top-of-the-line option for any home chef, with its advanced features and sleek design.

  6. The Kenwood Elite Titanium Kitchen Appliance is a must-have for any serious cook, with its powerful motor and advanced features.

  7. The Kenwood Elite Titanium Kitchen Appliance is the perfect addition to any kitchen, offering unmatched functionality and style.

  8. We like the Kenwood Chef Elite because it not only has a high-quality finish, looks good and is easy to use, it also offers lots of accessories. However, these have to be purchased separately. It is not a cheap appliance, but in our opinion the quality and performance justify the price and we recommend it.

  9. An insanely diversified kitchen machine. Unfortunately, some parts are extensive, and you have to accommodate them in the kitchen.

  10. We bought this machine because we certainly had 5 gadgets for the same activities. Now we have an all-in-one.

  11. A rich fruit juice can be quite a healthy dinner. Knowing exactly how much food a single cup of juices makes this idea seem much more logical.

  12. The bowl is good and fits the food processor perfectly. If you work a lot with the machine, it makes sense to have a second bowl available. The quality is identical to the bowl that comes with the machine.

  13. I am delighted, I already had a Kenwood food processor, and it was my faithful companion in my kitchen for 20 years.
    TOP price-performance!

  14. We are delighted. This is the entry-level model but, from our point of view, a price/performance winner.

  15. After reading your blog, I am even more assured that I should give up on my kitchen aid.

  16. I was always disappointed with the dough kneading with my Chef Titanium with original hook KW712209: The dough climbs up the hook and plays ringlet.
    No comparison to this dough hook: The dough is kneaded correctly!
    Kenwood has been making kitchen machines since 1947, and they have finally managed to design a dough hook that works.

  17. Very pleased! The powerful motor kneads wonderfully, even with large quantities of dough. Very good result!
    Therefore highly recommended!

  18. This kitchen appliance can only be recommended. Forget the Kitchen-Aid retro look.

  19. Which accessories are recommended? Maybe someone here can send me an honest answer. Gladly PM.

  20. Thank you for this information. My decision has been made in favour of a Kenwood food processor.

  21. The CHEF XL TITANIUM KVL8320S from Kenwood came out on top in the mixer test. It not only stands out with its excellent performance in kneading, stirring and beating but also offers a function and a particular stirring element for gently folding in delicate ingredients, such as whipped cream and beaten egg whites. It also scores excellent material quality, practical features such as the illuminated bowl, an easy-to-read scale in the bowl itself and a splash guard around the drive.

  22. The best kitchen machine, which you can also leave because of the beautiful design.

  23. The fact is that Kenwood makes intelligent kitchen machines. Tried and tested for decades, the Kenwood Chef is an ingenious kitchen assistant. Powerful and quiet with an appealing range of accessories.

  24. Weight is positive and negative. Stays in place without jerking, even during heavy work. It needs a fixed location and cannot just be removed from the cupboard. But the machine is solid and flexible if it has a fixed place.

  25. My old Kenwood Chef had been in use for over 30 years. Now a Kenwood Titanium and all the previous accessories fit. Thank you

  26. I preferred the Kenwood machine only because of the design. Today, I have to confess that the Elite Titanium is much better than our previous Kitchen Aid.

  27. This food processor is the best thing I have ever treated myself to for the kitchen.
    I only bake wholemeal bread myself.
    So far, the machines have managed to do it for a while with barely any effort, and I still had to knead a lot by hand. With this machine, that’s over. I would buy it again and again.

  28. I bought it to replace an older and much smaller (800W) Kenwood food processor.
    The old one is still working perfectly, but wow, what a difference!
    This one is so silent and powerful.
    Some accessories are compatible with the older Chef model (e.g. Mixer), while others are not (e.g. meat mincer).

  29. I had used the previous Kenwood model with my mother, who has been using it for over 20 years, and now wanted one of my own that will hopefully last as long. Sturdy machine, hook and whisk very stable and easy to clean in the dishwasher thanks to chrome steel. Pleasant speed setting.
    The lighting is efficient, especially when it could be brighter in the kitchen—power and functionality at their best.

  30. I am thrilled with the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL kitchen appliance. This food processor is a top-class model. The quality and material quality are outstanding. In addition, the food processor has an integrated scale which speeds up and simplifies the preparation of dough many times over. I find the splash guard, which is not attached to the container as with other food processors, but to the machine itself, excellent and well thought out so that when you open the device, the splash guard also moves upwards – a simple thing but very practical.

  31. You can attach additional appliances to the Kenwood food processor, such as a pasta machine or a meat grinder…but what I’m getting at is the magnetic closure…the cap that covers the connector is magnetic….genius!

  32. The food processor meets all our expectations. My wife is particularly impressed with the vegetable slicer’s effortless handling and rinsing care. The only drawback so far is removing the mixing bowl from its locking mechanism after use, e.g., mixing bread dough. Sometimes it takes a man’s strength to do this. The other mixing bowl is a real plus for more minor preparations, as is the integrated scale. The design is appealing and fits very well in our kitchen.

  33. The other two connections are redundant if you primarily want to bake with the appliance. Power and energy are lost at these points.
    Think carefully beforehand whether this investment is necessary at all.

  34. Finally, I have a food processor that really does what it promises. The dough is actually taken along all around and processed quickly. The scale is very helpful and I use it all the time. I am thrilled and am happy to recommend this Kenwood to others.

  35. I was lucky enough to try a blender recently as I had never owned one before and loved it, but when I saw this one from Kenwood, I knew it would outshine it, and it did!

    This Titanium Chef Baker XL is AMAZING, and as a mum of a toddler trying to introduce healthy homemade food at home, it will help me no end and is precisely what I need to save not only time but also save space. It’s pretty heavy, but not so heavy that you can’t move it around quickly – you must be careful!

  36. The kitchen machine has a high-quality finish and is mainly made of stainless steel. Only a few functional elements are made of plastic—for example, the covers for the accessories and the control dial on the side of the machine.

    Thanks to the four different mixing attachments, you have the proper attachment for every type of dough and processing cream or soufflés. A corresponding table of recommendations can be found in the multilingual operating instructions.

  37. The operation of Kenwood is self-explanatory. On the back of the machine, you will find a large button to unhook the machine head. This then folds up slightly and can be locked into the final position by manually pushing it upwards. In this position, placing one of the two mixing bowls in the holder is easiest. The mixing bowl is engaged by turning it clockwise. The various stirring attachments are also very easy to snap into place by turning and pressing on the appliance head. The appliance is switched on using the control dial. At the same time, it is used to set the speed level. The speed levels range from 0 to 6. Turning the control dial anticlockwise switches to the “P” position. Here the turbo is activated for a short time. This makes it possible to perform fast, intermittent mixing processes at maximum speed if necessary.

  38. I like that the scale and the dial for setting the speed are oriented to the side. This allows the food processor to be placed on the side of the worktop, saving a little space. The power supply cable is on the opposite side. The manufacturer intended the machine to be placed sideways. The connection cable is approx—1.50 m long. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of winding up the excess power cable, for example, on the machine’s underside. The scale display of the integrated scale is easy to read. It is possible to weigh directly into the mixing bowl. If necessary, you can zero the scale again for the next ingredient. You can choose between grams and ounces as the unit.

  39. We bake our bread and also make our pizza dough. The machine runs twice a week. The machine had to run twice when we made pizza and bread dough on the same day. Now we can easily create a 2 kg dough without the machine straining. 3 or 4 kg would also still work. This machine has an enormous amount of power and works with ease.

  40. The machine is being tested in direct comparison with our KitchenAid. At the time, we decided on KA because we wanted something stable and robust.
    We use it sparingly but were disappointed with the price-performance ratio over time.
    The Kenwood has used the potential here and does what bothers us better and offers more.
    In detail, the points of criticism with our previous machine are that it is relatively loud, runs out of round very quickly with heavy shows and the whole machine dances along, and the speed levels in the middle range seem almost identical. The Kenwood solves all these problems better than our machine. In addition, the speed setting is much easier to adjust.
    In comparison, the Kenwood also easily beat an egg at the edge of the bowl..
    The integrated scale is convenient! I had yet to pay much attention to this detail beforehand, but it is ingenious and convenient to work with. All in all, it eliminates many small intermediate steps.
    The locking mechanism of the bowl is also better, and the bowl itself is more straightforward to empty due to the different shapes of the Kenwood.
    The whisk is also designed differently and is very efficient.
    These small but essential details make this appliance exceptional and justify the price.
    Sturdy, high-quality appliance, easy to clean and very convenient!

  41. It’s incredible what accessories are now available for this machine. The accessories alone fill an entire kitchen cupboard. So anyone who wants to buy one needs the space to do so. There is a special offer (until May 2022) in which an additional accessory is given free of charge. What I like best is the easy change of tools. With the weighing function, measuring the ingredients is also easy. It can also be weighed in the blender or directly on the arm.