Wireless Charger
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Wireless charging

We have tried many wireless devices, and today we would like to introduce the Joyroom Qriginal QI wireless charger. It is one of the tools that will accompany us on our travels in conjunction with the Morui ML20 Powerbank, which we have already introduced.

How does a wireless charger work?

Wireless, i.e. inductive charging, has been commonplace for a long time. And if you have an electric toothbrush or an inductive hob at home, you use this technology regularly. It’s slowly making inroads into the smartphone market. Flagships like the iPhone 8 and Samsung’s newer Galaxy models integrated the technology. 

So, you never have to search for the charging cable again. Just place the phone on the charging pad, and the battery charges.

The mechanism behind the charging process works via induction: a coil built into the charging pad, through which alternating current flows. This setup creates a magnetic field around the charging pad. The smartphone itself also contains a coil. When this gets into the magnetic field of the charging station, current also flows through the smartphone coil, which is then conducted directly into the battery.

This technology means, moreover, that the energy gets only transferred when the smartphone is so close to the charging pad that it gets into the magnetic field. Most charging stations also send out signals that detect whether a smartphone is on the charging pad and whether it needs electricity at all. Hence, this reduces the constant electromagnetic radiation to a minimum.

Advantages of Wireless Charging

Inductive charging is not undisputed, although it has some advantages. For one thing, this method eliminates the fiddling around when plugging the charging cable into the USB socket. This is protected, which leads to more extended durability of the device. On the other hand, the tangle of cables reduces, as there is now only one cable from the charging pad to the socket, which also no longer needs to get moved. The station can then get used to charging all devices with Qi technology, which means you no longer need a separate cable for each smartphone, tablet or fitness wristband.

Joyroom Qriginal Qi Wireless Charger

5W high output power, low consumption makes charging with the Joyroom Wireless Charger faster, not only for devices of the same price but also for much more expensive ones. Trickle charging, adequate protection of the battery are further positive features.

Another problem we found with standard devices is that the phone with Wireless Charger gets extremely hot. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Wireless Charger Qriginal.

Another advantage: You do not need to remove the cover of the phone beforehand, which is mainly the case with cheaper products. Even 5mm distance is enough to charge the phone entirely.

We chose their model in white, and this looks extremely thin and stylish. Hence, it fits perfectly on a white sideboard, and therefore there are no more discussions about the cables that used to be around. Unfortunately, we run several phones, so it’s always a bit of a struggle as to who gets to use Joyroom’s device.

FOD Metal Detection

If someone should ever have the idea to hold his bank card or a programmed key on the device, Joyroom has also ensured with its wireless device that this is automatically recognised by the device and thus can cause no damage.

Specifications (from manufacturer)

  • Brand name: Joyroom
  • Loading pad Material: plastic
  • Form Function: Desktop Pad
  • Built-in Fan: no
  • Features: Used With phone
  • Connector type: Type C
  • Quality certification, CER, FCC, PCT, CCC
  • Maximum output power: 5 w
  • Material: plastic
  • Name: Joyroom Qriginal Qi Wireless Charger
  • Colour: Black, White
  • Input: 5V-1.5A (MAX 2.0A)
  • Output: 5V-1A
  • Type1: Phone Charger for Xiaomi Redmi Huawei
  • Type2: Universal Wireless Charge (iPhone 8, 11, X XS, XR)


We are incredibly pleased with the product and can recommend it without reservation. The device has found its place with us, and we will order further accessories so that all family members are satisfied and the device can be taken back on the trip without causing a family quarrel.

We can’t get rid of the feeling that the heating is a malfunction with the other devices. This issue is not the case with Joyroom Qriginal QI.

Finally, the fiddling with the cable has come to an end with the Wireless Chargers, and maybe the solution is to make the different mobile phone plugs disappear.

In general, we can recommend any product from Joyroom. Hence, we only later realised that we have already a few products ordered in the past, but never paid attention to the brand. Now, we will pay attention to it.

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