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Liars maintain a strategic innovative advantage. America is not called the undisputed king of deliberate lies for nothing. Once upon a time, WikiLeaks promptly published thousands of official documents that sought to scientifically prove war crimes knowingly committed by the USA’s notorious spying and lying policy in the Iraq conflict. As a visible result, the legendary founder of WikiLeaks was muzzled with European help. 

Even worse, some countries that do not follow the social ideology of the Americans are immediately sanctioned, including the very last and trustworthy inhabitants. European elected politicians are blithely jumping on the US sanction bandwagon without adequately considering the negative impact on their voters.

Democracy a tall tale

People in Western countries are doing well. We live in individual prosperity and freedom in a democracy, but the leading politicians usher us behind the light and regard us as fools. Allegedly the lying liars tactic is politically authorised without personal consequences. They fool the electorate by naturalising or insisting on social justice. You can’t do anything to me because those who listen to me believe me, so the objective truth of what I say doesn’t matter.

In a contrary context, Winston S. Churchill long ago said: The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with an average voter. The bad thing is some countries are only half-democratic and have no meaningful electoral programme.

That may well be the right way to go, according to Winston S. Churchill, but then we should honestly not speak of democracy. The prime example here is Swiss democracy.

Dumb down liars

For a prime example, travelling with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (green party) could be risky: She knows countries “hundreds of thousands of kilometres” away. Is she thinking of the universe? She can rarely refer to countries on Earth because they are at most 20,000 kilometres away.

Nota bene, this woman represents the German people in their affairs abroad. But as we know, the Foreign Minister doesn’t care because she has already clearly said she doesn’t care what the voters think. Hence do we sustain a real democracy or a club of liars to the voters?

“It is likely that state actors will act. (…) Furthermore, the Federal Government has concluded that further information cannot (…) be provided for the state’s welfare reasons. This script is the message to the population regarding the explosion at the Nord-Steam pipelines. Is that democracy? It’s done – Liz Truss

The individual liars are powerless

The world will not collapse because of this situation and the presenting liars; fortunately, power is distributed, and nobody, not even “a clown of a nation”, can dominate the world entirely. And the question of whether Trump and similar populists will be successful is not because of the factual content of their sentences but because of the immune reactions of a society that virtually crushes things through the separation of powers, through parliamentary processes, through control by the press and the like.

Lying is as old as humanity, but in the past, the press took up such issues, and some politicians had to resign. Today, it is challenging to find out about lies or the truth because the media makes us believe the lie is true.

In these times, those who claim something have a strategic advantage, and the population should sign a legal notice with its vote: Attention, the person you voted for might be a liar.

In extreme trouble, you don’t remember that you once said something – cum ex.

The challenging developments currently happening in the world are certainly not promising. Still, there is at least a certain balance of lies, and the truth repeatedly lies in the middle. Let’s take a closer look at the politicians and vote for promising leaders.

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