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TylöHelo Infrared Cabin Review

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An infrared cabin creates a pleasant heat supply that appeals to the entire body. In this respect, we regard this as an innovation, as saunas require a relatively large amount of space and time is often an obstacle. Moreover, an infrared cabin is switched on, and only shortly afterwards, it is possible to use it.

Infrared cabins and how they work?

In recent years infrared cabins have enjoyed increasing popularity. Hence, they are quickly ready for operation and take up very little space. Moreover, as derived from the name, the cabin heats on an infrared basis.

Infrared radiation is a natural form of energy that is also present in solar radiation. As a consequence, this technology distinguishes the infrared cabin from the sauna. 

 Both sauna and infrared rooms belong to the so-called sweat cabins. Even though they are visually very similar, the way they work differs considerably.


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The sauna is heated with a sauna stove and reaches temperatures of up to 80 degrees. The heat is first transferred to the ambient air and then to the user.When you go to the sauna, you have a strong feeling of heat on the surface of your skin, but the body core temperature increases only slightly.

Infrared Cabin

Hover over to see the Difference

Infrared Cabin

In the infrared cabin, surface heating elements provide pleasant warmth of up to 60 degrees. The most significant difference to the sauna is not only the relatively low temperature but also the radiation effect. While the ambient air heats in the sauna, the infrared radiation only transforms into heat in connection with the skin. In contrast to the sauna, lengthy heating processes are no longer necessary, which also enables spontaneous use of the cabin.

What is infrared radiation?

The so-called IR radiation is also called heat radiation and is part of the optical radiation.

Hence, the most crucial source of this natural radiation is sunlight. Infrared radiation accounts for about 50 per cent of the radiation hitting the ground.

The radiation was first proven in 1800 by the astronomer William Herschel. He decomposed sunlight into its spectral parts with a prism. Furthermore, he discovered invisibly but warming radiation beyond the red, i.e. the most extended wavelength range of visible light.

Infrared Cabins Advantages

  • The lymph channels widen by the warming and thus stimulate the sweat flow.
  • A better supply of relaxed tissue with blood: The regression of sprains, bruises, inflammations, wounds or scars can be favoured thereby.
  • After sports training, the use of IR rays is advantageous for the after-treatment of muscle pain or sports injuries.
  • Create positive effects in case of lumbago or rheumatism.
  • Possible alleviation of menstrual cramps.
  • The oxygen transport in the body can be promoted and optimised by better blood circulation.
  • The improved blood circulation has a positive influence on the skin.
  • The rays can have a positive effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Heat promotes well-being. Thus a better relaxation and the dismantling of stress are possible.
  • IR radiation sets various processes in motion in the body. They reduce the acid level and purify the body.

Sweating is important

Many people often feel uncomfortable sweating. However, it is a vital and utterly natural process and an essential factor for well-being. With the body’s system, sweating takes over the function of an air conditioner. 

If the body heats up as a result of physical exertion or external heat influences, for example, in the sun, it needs to cool down.

In this case, the sweat glands, which are distributed all over the skin, take up their work. However, sweat does not only regulate body temperature. Sweat also helps the body to eliminate toxins and other toxic metabolic waste products. Typically, the daily amount of sweat excreted is about one to two litres per day. During heavy physical exertion, it can rise to up to 1.5 litres per hour.

Infrared Erotic

Does sweating have an anti-toxic and purifying effect?

During the research for our infrared cabin test, we, unfortunately, noticed suppliers who claim that sweating is particularly healthy and would help to purify the body. Toxins would leave the body through the skin. Scientists confirm that according to laboratory tests sweat does NOT contain any toxins, but consists of 99 per cent water. Toxins are not excreted via the skin but via the intestines and urinary tract.

Private Wellness Area

Everyday life gets often determined by stress and hecticness. During the day, you rush from one appointment to another. This is to the detriment of health and well-being.A stay in an infrared sauna can have a positive effect on the human body. Here you will find time to let your soul dangle simply.The “infrared heat cabin experience” can now also be enjoyed at home. It is not only stressful people who benefit from this “mini-holiday” and can relax. The modern world is fast-moving. Relaxation is, therefore, an essential factor to give body and mind the necessary balance. The deep cleansing of the sebaceous glands in the skin can get supported by the regular use of an infrared cabin. The result is skin that looks more beautiful and feels softer.


TylöHelo is one of the world’s leading sauna and steam bath manufacturers. Moreover, its deep-rooted pride and originality mean that nobody can copy their products.

Infrared cabin TylöHelo Sun

TylöHelo Sun infrared cabin is the new, modern infrared series from Tylö. With the new system, every part of the body warms even more evenly. This with the lowest electromagnetic radiation (EMS) and most moderate electric fields (EF) of all current infrared heating systems. The inside and outside of the cabins utilise Canadian hemlock wood. The exterior of our slightly older model Prime is white glazed. The frameless glass front makes the cabin a real gem. The TylöHelo product is an efficient alternative to a sauna.

The infrared cabin is equipped with a loudspeakers sound system with Bluetooth, indirect lighting, reading lights and coloured light, which operate via a practical touch screen. Besides, the bench and the ceramic floor have also heat sources. 

TylöHelo Aesthetic design

The Sun Infra System adapts individually to your taste, budget and space conditions. Regardless of the floor plan, the Sun infrared cabins with their fully glazed fronts radiate a modern aesthetic.Hence, Tylö equipped the cabin with an intuitive touch screen control that makes setting heat, light and sound.

Easy to set up

Thanks to the metal fixings, you do not need any tools for the installation. They get inserted into each other on the wall and ceiling. The cabin uses a standard 230V socket with a standard plug (no electrician required).

Unfortunately, on the glossy white Prime cabin on the outside is no longer available, but with a few brush strokes, it will be even more appealing. Otherwise, it is recommended to browse at Amazon.


We are delighted with the TylöHelo infrared cabin. During winter, it enables to warm up regularly and have a pleasant sleep. Through the loudspeakers, we discreetly hear our Spotify song list, or if you are addicted to a Netflix series, the sound gets transmitted into the cabin.

The cabin itself is a jewel and an eye-catcher. It stands in our case in a small wellness zone beside sports devices, which we also bandaged with a white room divider due to the aesthetics of the TylöHelo cabin.

While we still look at saunas as the original, we find the infrared cabins highly innovative. The fast assembly, but also the continuous quick use convince us — hour-long saunas at fast train speed.

A bit unfortunate in today’s world – TylöHelo has no presskit available for bloggers.

Weigand delivered our Tylö Cabin at lightning speed.

Important: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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    Like most infrared saunas, this particular sauna has a short time in achieving high temperatures. An LED control point that simplifies everything controls the operation of this sauna.

    The sauna is fitted with premier speakers that can play any music thanks to the universal plug. It is also worth mentioning that the seats are comfortable to sit on.

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