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GTranslate Review

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Translate Websites

Somewhat by coincidence, we came across GTranslate to be able to offer our website seventyone.ch in other languages. The result in connection with search engines is phenomenal. To have a website translated professionally takes time and costs a lot of money. With this disruptive innovation, it is now possible for every website owner and blogger to expand their readership for little money and instant.

It has been a long time since one could afford to write a blog in only one national language. Also, many bloggers would like to have an international audience. However, this usually involves a great deal of effort. This desire often leads to the question of whether a plugin also enables automatic translations. Machine translation is time-consuming and expensive. But how useful are the new automatic translation plugins? 

Multilingual Website Solution

The top dogs

During our evaluation, we reviewed WPML, Weglot and GTranslate. While the first two providers have been on the market for a long time and currently used by many webmasters, GTranslate convinced us immediately by their straightforward handling.

GTranslate – A Close Look

The plugin GTranslate works in the first step (freemium) exactly like the Google Language Translator with the same result. The translation is therefore somewhat imprecise since no artificial intelligence gets used and Deepl provides a much more harmonious text content. So the initial euphoria was quickly gone because a visitor would not read such a text. We should mention, however, that this service is available in 103 languages. Unbeatable offering.

Multilingual Website Solution

Freemium, hence get the powerful paid version

Nevertheless, GTranslate can do more. The paid version from around USD 60 is worth it in all respects. You can immediately see that there is a significant difference between free and neuronal translation. However, if words or phrases get still mistranslated, it is effortless to enter manual guidelines directly on GTranslate’s website and achieve a highly satisfactory result. However, if the result needs counterchecking, GTranslate also offers a professional translator.

Disruptive Innovations and change are the only constants in this world. As the seasons’ change, simultaneously do business models, and at the same time, new disruptive innovations appear. Under those circumstances, you can get disruptive innovations the way you like them, and in contrast, something outside your authority changes everything unexpectedly. So be ready.</>
Disruptive Innovationen und Veränderungen sind die einzigen Konstanten auf dieser Welt. Wenn sich die Jahreszeiten ändern, entstehen gleichzeitig Geschäftsmodelle und gleichzeitig neue disruptive Innovationen. Unter diesen Umständen können Sie disruptive Innovationen erhalten, wie Sie sie mögen, und im Gegensatz dazu ändert etwas außerhalb Ihrer Befugnisse alles unerwartet. Also sei bereit.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

While the free version is not SEO friendly, the paid version of GTranslate offers some excellent possibilities to register the site in different languages with Google Search Console, depending on your budget.

  • A fully indexable site
  • URL slug translation
  • Metadata translation
  • Schema.org microdata translation

Data storage

In order not to slow down the translation speed, all translations are stored directly on the GTranslate server. This solution enables GTranslate to learn for itself and to provide the website owner with further information such as statistics.


Of course and we already mentioned GTranslate offers a free version. This offering is okay for a first look, but it’s enjoyable with a small upgrade. At SeventyOne.ch we decided on the “Custom” version (two languages), which costs about USD 60 per year. However, we will launch a new website for a customer next time and will probably use the start-up version because we present this site in 4 languages.


The GTranslate plugin is fun. It can take on the established solutions like Weglot and WPML without any problems. We have decided to buy the paid version, and within a short time, we have achieved a lot of new visitors and followers with it. While our blog gets written in English, but the website has a Swiss domain, we have many visitors from the German-speaking countries.

Best Plugins 2019 here.

Homepage GTranslate.io

Important: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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