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If you write texts in English, you use the automatic Word spell checker to check your spelling before publishing the document. But there is something better: Grammarly.

You guessed it, it checks your grammar, or more precisely: it offers a grammar-checker developed by “leading linguists” that you can run over all the texts you have written. Grammarly doesn’t just check spelling and grammar as usual, but also helps you with word choice and style so that your writing is “clear and stringent” – and that “at any time”! The service is aimed at English-speaking people, but a large market is likely to open up in Germany because Grammarly is aimed at people who are not only linguistically but also socially massively insecure.

artificial intelligence

Grammarly makes sure any text you type on the internet is error-free. But it also goes beyond spell-checks. The AI-powered editor helps you write clear, engaging, and easy-to-read content. It will detect wordy phrases, repetitions, and monotonous passages, among other style mistakes.

Rough spelling and grammatical errors are already detected by the free version and corrected if necessary. If sentences are unnecessarily long, Grammarly also has free advice. For most users, these functions are already sufficient.

grammarly premium

The premium subscription has much more to offer than the free version. This nifty tool can add much value even if you are not a writer. Grammarly Premium is the paid version of an AI-based text correction assistant. It tells you what it finds questionable about your text and offers suggestions for improvement.

In addition to their web-based service, Grammarly Premium is available as integrations in:

  • Microsoft Office
  • android, ios and ipados
  • Windows & macOS
  • Browser extension
Grammarly’s writing assistant helps millions of people daily to communicate more clearly and effectively wherever they enter data using the English language. But it’s important to remember that tools only bring full benefits if used correctly.

We have used Grammarly since 2019 in combination with DeepL.

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One Response

  1. I recently used the grammar checker and I must say I was impressed. As a writer, I’ve always struggled with grammar and punctuation, and I needed a tool that could help me write better. was the perfect solution for me.

    The first thing I noticed about was its user-friendly interface. It was easy to navigate and use, and the instructions were clear and concise. The grammar checker tool was simple to install and integrated smoothly with my browser. I also appreciated the fact that I could choose the level of correction I wanted, from basic to advanced.

    One of the things I liked most about was its ability to identify common grammar mistakes such as subject-verb agreement errors, sentence fragments, and comma splices. It also flagged typos and spelling mistakes, which helped me improve the quality of my writing.

    Another great feature of was its ability to suggest alternative words and phrasings to improve the clarity and readability of my writing. It also gave me explanations for the corrections it suggested, which helped me understand the rules of grammar and punctuation better.

    Overall, I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their writing skills. Whether you’re a student, a professional writer, or someone who just wants to write better emails, is an excellent tool that can help you achieve your goals. Try it out today, and see the difference it can make in your writing!

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