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Google Nest Hub is a modern speaker with an illuminated screen and voice control via Google Assistant.

The intelligent display is only 18 x 12 x 7 centimetres and weighs 480 grams. It also fits on a narrow shelf and is more compact than, for example, the Lenovo Smart Display (8 inches).

A 7-inch panel dominates the front of the Google Nest Hub, which is unfortunately framed by a wide frame. Hence, the Nest Hub does look unmodern – but the low price has to come from somewhere.

Google Nest design

The designers have made the best of the limited resources available for the Google Nest Hub. The fabric design used in all of Google’s hardware products looks valuable. Where plastic is visible, the surface is matt; moreover, it does not feel cheap.

Besides, attention was paid to a closed and attractive back so that the Google Nest Hub could also be placed freely in the room. On the backside, there are a discreet volume rocker and a switch to turn off the microphone. Since these physical buttons are often unused anyway (voice can adjust the volume), this positioning makes sense.

The excellent quality does not show conspicuous features, making us happy owning a Google Nest Hub.

What is included?

Thanks to the 7-inch screen, Google’s Nest Hub is pleasantly slim. The speaker is not as bulky as Amazon Echo Show 2 but offers more mesh than the small Amazon Echo Show 5, so it fits everywhere. Visually, the Nest Hub is appealing because of its typical colour. It is available in white and dark grey. There efficiently is only one connection – for electric power. Sadly, supplying the Nest Hub with a USB stick or operating it without electric power is impossible.

Despite compatibility with streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music, the Hub is unsuitable for music playback. At least the two microphones — meaning that several microphones work together — function well. The Smart Display responds instantly to voice commands.

Google Nest controls your home

Instead of a movie player, Google undoubtedly sees its Nest Hub as an intelligent home control centre. By voice or touchscreen, you can conveniently control compatible devices like smart lamps and smart thermostats. 

You can see the image from the Nest security cameras on display. Given the focus on intelligent home functionalities, it seems logical that Google takes over the Nest brand for its home products and merges the two lines.

As mentioned earlier, it would be pleasant to produce a standard because we are entirely equipped with Xiaomi, danfoss and velux.

Google Service on Demand

Google services are undoubtedly at the forefront of the speaker: users access Google Maps, Google Calendar or Photos. If desired, they can seamlessly combine several functions into routines. The Nest Hub switches on lamps and heaters on the excellent morning command and reads out the weather forecast and then the news.

The screen adequately supports the information with appropriate displays, for example, traffic data with a map with red traffic jams – very practical. The Nest Hub’s advantages also come into play in the kitchen: if desired, it reads out recipes from various portals illustrated and step-by-step. You set the pace yourself with “OK, Google, go on!

Furthermore, Google Nest Hub lets you watch your favourite Netflix episodes next to you. This is with Crystal clear picture and relatively good sound.

Google Nest - downside

If desired, you can place phone calls via the Nest Hub – but only via the “Google Duo” service and with other “Duo” users. A camera for video calls is not integrated. On the one hand, the Amazon Echo Show and Lenovo smart display devices have their noses in front.

Hence, to prevent the assistant from pricking up its ears every time it says “OK, Google”, you can switch off the microphone on the back of the device.
Having never used a Google smartphone, I needed time to manage the desired setup. For instance, replacing the sliding pictures took more time than I thought since we wanted to provide one of the Google Nest Hubs to our mother-in-law and share photos during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In conclusion, the functions are very limited in this day and age. The price is right, but you have to be able to live with the limitations. Because they are not usable for its initial purpose, the two Google Nest are in the electronic waste bin.

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2 Responses

  1. Google Nest, once a promising addition to the smart home ecosystem, has been a major disappointment for many users. While it may seem like a convenient and futuristic way to control your home’s temperature, lighting, and security, the reality is that Nest’s performance leaves much to be desired.

    One of the biggest issues with Nest is its reliability. Many users have reported that their devices frequently disconnect from the internet, fail to respond to commands, or simply stop working altogether. This can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to adjust your home’s temperature or monitor your security system remotely.

    Another major problem with Nest is its compatibility issues. While Google claims that Nest works with a wide range of smart home devices, the reality is that many users have experienced issues trying to integrate Nest with other systems. This can be a major headache, especially if you’ve already invested in other smart home devices that you want to use in conjunction with Nest.

    Finally, there’s the issue of privacy. Google’s track record when it comes to privacy has long been a cause for concern, and the fact that Nest collects data on your home’s activity only adds to these worries. While Google claims that this data is only used to improve Nest’s performance, many users remain skeptical.

    Overall, it’s clear that Google Nest has a long way to go before it can live up to its promise as a seamless and reliable smart home solution. If you’re thinking about investing in Nest, it’s worth considering the potential pitfalls before making a purchase.

  2. I recently purchased a Google Nest device and unfortunately, my experience with it has been disappointing. While the setup process was relatively easy, the device has consistently failed to connect to my home’s Wi-Fi network. I have tried troubleshooting the issue multiple times but to no avail.

    Additionally, I have noticed that the Google Nest device frequently disconnects from the internet, causing interruptions in its functionality. This is particularly frustrating as the device is marketed as a smart home assistant, but it can’t even maintain a stable connection.

    Furthermore, I have concerns about the privacy implications of using the Google Nest device. It’s no secret that Google has a track record of collecting user data, and I worry that my personal information is being shared or sold without my consent.

    Overall, my experience with the Google Nest has been negative and I do not recommend this device to others. The device’s technical issues and privacy concerns make it more trouble than it’s worth. I suggest exploring other smart home assistant options that prioritize user privacy and offer reliable connectivity.

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