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Gmail Google builds their e-mail service on simple foundations. The service offers a lot of storage space and good usability.
Without Gmail, the free e-mail landscape would undoubtedly look different. When the company launched its mail service, the top dogs among the free e-mail services, GMX, and Yahoo!, offered customers a mailbox size of barely more than 20 megabytes. The then-revolutionary gigabyte of storage space has now increased fifteenfold.

The classic Gmail interface appears tidy, focusing on the most crucial thing: new e-mails. Navigating through different folders is quick and easy. Navigation through past conversations could be more straightforward. Gmail provides 15 gigabytes free of charge for e-mails, attachments and the like.

Gmail is not entirely without advertisements. However, advertising is unobtrusive and always limited to a narrow line above the inbox. Google does not send advertising e-mails. Overall, the small amount of advertising is therefore not annoying.

Quick access Gmail e-mail client

Thanks to the widespread use of Gmail, many e-mail clients already have ready-made Gmail profiles so setting up the mailbox is very simple. Apps are also available for Android and iOS devices: Here, users can choose between the classic Gmail interface and the Inbox design.

Security settings

The mailbox, as well as the login, is secured by HTTPS by default. Encryption is done via SSL. Encryption is also possible when receiving and sending by e-mail software; in the test with Apple Mail, the SSL protection was automatically recognised and applied. However, the data is unencrypted on the servers, as is typical for the industry.

It is also unclear to what extent Google processes user data. In contrast to earlier practice, the company no longer reads user e-mails to present personalised advertisements. Two-factor authentication is available.

Gmail effectively protects you against the flood of annoying spam e-mails. Google’s free e-mail has a reliable and robust spam filter that learns as you use it.

We have been using the Google e-mail service since 2005. Read also our articles on DeepL and Grammarly, the language translation miracle or Google nest.

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