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F1 clash review - seventyone
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Immediately after installation of F1 clash, you will be greeted by Olivia, who will guide you through the tutorial. You can directly log in with one of your social media accounts if you like. Your first task is to design your racing car – decide on a paint job and colour.

After that, a test race in Italy starts you off right away. The engines roar, and you must manage your drivers when the lights turn green. Always look at the gauges during a race as they give you data on your cars.

In the race, you control two drivers. Click on the two drivers in turn during the race, as you will then take over the management of the active driver. The better your drivers do at the end of the race, the more points they will receive.

F1 Clash tips and tricks

  1. You can’t refuel at a pit stop, so make sure you have enough fuel to last until the end of the race.
  2. Almost all of your drivers’ and components’ scores are combined to produce a qualifying score. This result is not visible to players in the game.
  3. Remember that a high constant value will result in a more consistent lap time when looking at your drivers’ stats. Finding the balance between the other f1 pilot’s values and consistency is essential.
  4. When you enter a Grand Prix event for the first time, you will automatically be placed in a qualifying group. You race against players outside your group. You must be in the top 50% of players in your group to make it to the First Round. Note that you can only win prizes if you make it to the final round.
  5. The higher your season score in F1 Clash for the current season, the more rewards you will receive at the start of the new season.
As is often the case, success is also linked to a certain amount of money. We played the game for about a year, but the reset after one season annoyed us—nevertheless, a very entertaining game.

Today we are more fixated on the metaverse of Upland.

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