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Deepl Review
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The DeepL translator is an online service of DeepL GmbH in Cologne for machine translation, which went online on 28 August 2017. Hence DeepL, in our opinion, surpassed the translation quality of competitors such as Google and Microsoft in studies.

Machine-made translations have improved considerably with the radical change in the approach to developing multilingual translation systems. Rule-based and statistics-based systems were overtaken by the new paradigm of neural networks with deep learning. Thanks to their comparatively better results, moreover, these are now considered the reference technology par excellence.

In September 2016, Google announced that the newly developed “Google’s Neural Machine Translation System ” delivers better translation results across all language combinations. Not quite a year later, on 28 August 2017, DeepL went online. The new translation service astounded the media world with translations that stood out considerably from Google Translate in terms of quality and seemed almost perfect at first glance. Since then, interest in DeepL and machine conversion has increased. Moreover, DeepL gets used actively, especially in the free version with limited text length, and enjoys great popularity.

Supercomputer deepl

Hence, the translation solution relies on an artificial neural network on a supercomputer in Iceland. It has enough power to translate a million words in less than a second.

The fact that the translation into German works better than with the competition from Silicon Valley, at least that is what various tests suggest and matches our experience.

The test result clearly shows that DeepL Pro can deliver acceptable quality for understanding general language texts at this stage. However, the translation produced by DeepL Pro often sounds linguistically correct. The translated text seems to make sense in terms of content but does not correspond to the content of the source text. When it comes to translating specialist documents, DeepL Pro reaches its limits.

Hence, we use that solution for this website and are very satisfied with it. However, we found that the tool works better if you have longer texts. Presumably, the ai understands the subject matter in more extended essays better and chooses appropriate technical terms. Yet, translations of single words via google translate remain a good option.

Finally, DeepL is, as you might expect, not error-free. Therefore we recommend a slight detour via for translations into English.

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