Danfoss Link App Review

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Danfoss Link App Seventyone
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Danfoss – You convinced me 

Danfoss Link App is, as a matter of fact, an intelligent heating controller for wireless control of the room temperature in different rooms. While the solution seems not to be disruptive, it helps to save heating cost.

Firstly, the Danfoss Link CC central control unit with its slightly antiquated colour touch screen controls the entire system, moreover, all integrated Danfoss devices. According to the set heating plan, the system adapts the heating automatically for each day and each room. Furthermore, the system comes with the option of spontaneous adjustments via app or control button on the device.

Secondly, the system software of the central controller gets automatically updated via the Internet. All devices connect to the Danfoss Link CC central controller.

Danfoss Link App

Danfoss Link Central Controller

The Danfoss Link App is very user-friendly. Besides, connecting the app to the system was convenient and took less than a minute. Danfoss Link App is also straightforward and quick to install. The heating control via Danfoss Link App uses four profiles:

  • In the morning
  • during the day
  • in the evening
  • and at night.

Altogether, this ensures a pleasant room temperature at all times and at the same time, no waste of energy resources when nobody is present, or everyone is asleep.

The heating control app with Danfoss Link not only enables spontaneous temperature changes at the touch of a button, but it also offers many functions that no longer require any intervention by the occupant. With the holiday function or the absence setting, the house can be set to frost protection level. That is to say; a weekly heating plan heats the living rooms according to the appointments, frost protection and anti-lock function run in the background.

In everyday life, the Danfoss Link App displays an overview of the heating status for all networked rooms and enables spontaneous adjustments. For more effortless operation, rooms can be combined into living zones and regulated as a group.

Danfoss Link – Room sensor

Generally, the traditional room sensor from Danfoss Link is no more than a thermostat that measures the ambient temperature in the room using an integrated temperature sensor. A point often overlooked, the Danfoss Link RS can also be used to set the desired temperature manually.


Danfoss App smart heating controller is flexible, comprehensive and yet easy to control. Beginners are not overwhelmed with the starter set, but the basic version can be easily extended by adding further elements. Besides, the Danfoss Link App enables remote control as well as useful routines and user profiles. In addition to traditional radiators, this heating control system can also be used for electric and hot water underfloor heating systems.

Hats off! Danfoss, you have convinced me. Here, one or the other manufacturer is welcome to take an example. However, it would have been great to connect your system also to Xiaomi Smart Home.

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