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Danfoss App

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Danfoss Link App is, as a matter of fact, an intelligent heating controller for wireless control of the room temperature in different rooms. While the solution seems not to be disruptive, it helps to save heating costs.

Firstly, the Danfoss Link CC central control unit, with its slightly antiquated colour touch screen, controls the entire system. Moreover, all integrated Danfoss devices. According to the set heating plan, the system adapts the heating automatically for each day and each room. Furthermore, the system can automatically adjust via the app or control button on the device.

Secondly, the system software of the central controller gets automatically updated via the Internet. All devices connect to the Danfoss Link CC central controller.

Danfoss app Link central controller

The Danfoss Link App is very user-friendly. Besides, connecting the app to the system was convenient and took less than a minute. Danfoss Link App is also straightforward and quick to install. The heating control via Danfoss Link App uses four profiles: 

Altogether, this ensures a pleasant room temperature and, simultaneously, no waste of energy resources when nobody is present or everyone is asleep.

The heating control app with Danfoss Link enables spontaneous temperature changes at the touch of a button and offers many functions that no longer require any intervention by the occupant. With the holiday function or the absence setting, the house can be set to frost protection level. That is to say, a weekly heating plan heats the living rooms according to the appointments, and frost protection and anti-lock function run in the background. 

The intelligent heating controller is flexible, comprehensive and yet easy to control. Beginners are not overwhelmed with the starter set, but adding other elements can easily extend the basic version. Besides, the Danfoss Link App enables remote control, valuable routines, and user profiles. In addition to traditional radiators, this heating control system can also be used for electric and hot water underfloor heating systems.

We started using that app in 2018.

Check the Blog regarding Velux App.

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21 Responses

  1. Generally, I do not comment posts but here I have to. Danfoss missed the chance to be an important player for smart automation.

  2. It’s like Velux for me. Okay, not entirely wrong because at least you still have other suppliers in the heating sector.

  3. So what now – the device is old again? What’s the point of completely replacing the setup every five years? I’ve had Xiaomi for other devices for five years, and they still work great.


  4. The Danfoss Link series was discontinued at the beginning of 2021, much to my chagrin, because the system works perfectly, which is not customer-friendly on Danfoss’s part to discontinue a heavily advertised system from 2016-2020 so quickly. Meanwhile, all shops regarding Danfoss Link are sold out or the prices have risen extremely – sometimes up to 3 times the price! It isn’t very pleasant for someone who does not want to completely replace his heating control every five years!

  5. Thanks for sharing this information. Highly relevant to me. It is difficult to understand why Danfoss have not made their living connect connectable to standard homeautomation systems.

  6. It’s kind of a shame that you can’t remotely connect the Danfoss CC unit back into the network. This makes the device totally unusable, especially for holiday homes.

  7. Having bought a high-end new build, I would have expected a modern, logical heating system, so I was surprised that the builder had installed such a basic system which doesn’t cut it. The functionality is dreadful, is not intuitive, and it seems you can’t find a middle ground with the temperatures. An indigent quality system is not recommended if you want to install something yourself.

  8. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it does what it should in the end. I chose this system because I already had a few thermostats and a central unit and didn’t want to reinvest.

  9. While we don’t have to resort to heating that often in southern Spain, I’m glad to have this system, it works very well for me.

  10. Why have a “remote control” via an app if I have to bind the device again and again? Junk.

  11. It would be so nice if a provider in this area offered a reliable solution. Danfoss is good, but my router also often loses the Danfoss CC.

  12. I agree with the previous speakers. I also have to integrate the Danfoss CC device again and again.

  13. Now I should say, not to write in the complete frustration. To put it mildly – it rarely works when you need it at a distance.

  14. Poor service
    I bought the Danfoss Link system with 6 heating valves a year ago. I was actually satisfied until now, but when I wanted to buy an additional room thermostat, it was no longer available anywhere and Danfoss told me that this system was no longer available from Danfoss. In other words, it is not worth investing more money in it.

  15. We have Danfoss specially installed in a holiday flat so that we can remotely turn the heating up. Although the internet is running without interruption, the Danfoss CC keeps losing the connection to the internet. For me, the Danfoss app is a huge piece of junk. I hope someone from Danfoss reads this.

  16. Having bought a high-end new build, I would have expected a modern, logical heating system, so I was surprised that the builder had installed such a basic system which doesn’t cut it. The functionality is dreadful, is not intuitive, and it seems you can’t find a middle ground with the temperatures. Very poor quality system and is not recommended if you want to install something yourself.