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Covid-19 is not an easy decision to bring it up on our blog. However, there has been nothing more disruptive than this virus in recent years. 

Hence, Bats, the presumed source of the new infectious disease Covid-19, are a pure reservoir for viruses. According to media sources, scientists from Wuhan, China, warned of this new infection a year ago.

In February, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the official name for the new coronavirus: Covid-19.

In choosing Covid-19 as the name of the disease, WHO’s eponyms have ensured that the outbreak is not associated with China or the city of Wuhan, where the disease was first identified. Although places of origin were used in the past to determine new viruses, such a namesake is now considered disparaging. Covid-19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 19.

Covid-19 - the outbreak

After the first case got reported, reports of further infections slowly trickled in. In March, this trickle of information developed into the number 1 daily topic. China’s aggressive measures slowed down the coronavirus at home, but it was already too late. Caused by the festivities surrounding Chinese New Year, the virus spread explosively, first in Asia and then Europe.

Why did it spread so fast? Indeed, the best explanation for this rapid spread is that droplets transmit the virus from coughing or sneezing. Hence when these virus-laden droplets from one infected person reach the nose, eyes or mouth of another person, they can spread the disease.

Italy - the virus centre of Europe

Northern Italy is, in particular, affected so strongly by the spread. Similarly, here the tracks lead to Asia.

Moreover, in Italy, the range of the coronavirus began in the district of Macrolotto, an industrial fashion area located nearby Prato. It is the beating heart of all Made in Italy clothing production and the largest textile centre in Europe. Hence, many newspapers reported that the reason for the initial outbreak in Italy was “Pronto Moda”.

This catchword refers to the production of supposedly Italian products made in Italy by the Chinese and under Chinese conditions.

In the year 2000, a large number of Chinese entrepreneurs came to traditional regions of the textile industry. Hence, Family-owned suppliers produced delicate fabrics for luxury brands in Prato. To name examples such as Versace and Armani.

Interestingly, the airline Cathay Pacific suspended flights to Italy two weeks after Chinese New Year, while other European countries continued to get served. We are, therefore, not so sure that the Patient 0 theory from Italy pointing towards Germany is correct. However, media rumours and no evidence were found.

Due to its proximity to Italy and the many cross-border commuters, Switzerland is also severely affected. In contrast, the Austrian government reacted somewhat faster and closed the borders quickly.

Biggest Disrupter

As I said at the beginning – we did not want to write about this virus. Nevertheless, it will be the biggest disrupter in the next few years. Hence, the home office will move in and become the new standard. So, many “new ways of working” are, therefore, now about to get developed.

We will probably never find the source’s truth and hope this pandemic can be contained soon.

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard

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