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Coca Cola Zero Sugar Review

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Zero – A Disruptive Innovation

From models to managers, everyone relies on Coca Cola Zero Sugar. At the same time, the population is getting bigger and bigger. Coca Cola is increasingly being criticised and has brought a disruptive innovation onto the market with Zero. However, it is mainly the company’s products that will lose market share. Nevertheless, this move was necessary because otherwise, they would have missed the worldwide Zero trend.

Coca Cola Zero Sugar struck a harmony with the times when consumers were paying more attention to their sugar intake. People were placing a high value on a balanced diet – without compromising on taste. Accordingly, Zero managed to change from a product name to a philosophy of no compromise.

The Cola Experiment

The experiment fails: The coal tar used by the chemist Constantin Fahlberg is boiling over and causing a mess. After Fahlberg has cleaned it up, he goes home frustrated. During dinner, he notices that the bread he holds in his hand tastes strangely sweet. Later, he realises that he has discovered a new chemical compound with undreamt-of sweetening power in the laboratory. Today it is known as saccharin.


Fahlberg tries unsuccessfully to market his discovery made in 1878. The problem was that the substance was so sweet that it was almost impossible to dose the quantity for a cup of tea. The enormous potential of saccharine only became apparent about a century later, when people became fat due to a lack of exercise in everyday life. For the sweet taste, it only needs a little bit of the substance to replace the sugar and is almost calorie-free.

Coke Zero

Coke Zero Launch-

A Success Story

The idea of a low-calorie soft drink is by no means new. As early as 1982 – almost at the same time as the invention of the mobile phone – Coca Cola launched the first sugar-free Coke with the Coca Cola light (US Diet Coke). Moreover, it was the beginning of a unique success story.

A success story based on the idea that refreshment and a balanced diet should not be mutually exclusive. Coca-Cola light conquered the store shelves and the hearts of consumers in no time at all.

White Look – Failed

In 2005 Coke Zero was finally launched in the USA – initially in white packaging and with start-up difficulties. However, consumers were not very interested in the white exterior.

Hence, a few months later, Coca Cola in Australia allowed consumers to choose between white and black packaging, with the dark variant establishing itself. The fact that the new brand got presented by the national rugby team, the “All Blacks”, had probably anticipated the result a little.

Today, figure-conscious women, fitness enthusiasts and wiry managers prefer to consume Coke Zero instead of sugared soft drinks.


Theo van Uffelen

The tall Dutchman Theo van Uffelen is Coca Cola’s Marketing Director for Europe. Coca Cola Zero Sugar is one of our greatest successes of recent decades, according to the manager at the European headquarters in Brussels. Hence, it is a sugarless cola that almost tastes like the original Coca Cola.

Coke Zero –  Coca Cola Zero Sugar

Nowhere in Europe is Coca Cola Zero Sugar as popular as in Switzerland. The sugar-free Coca Cola Zero introduced in 2007 already accounts for 28 per cent of total Coca Cola consumption. Although the regular coke is also the most chosen in Switzerland, the light version has already overtaken the new sugar-free cola.


While the “zero” of the old Coke Zero used to be ambiguous, both in terms of calories and sugar, finally, the new Zero Sugar now has more accurate and more unambiguous positioning and message. In other words, this name change positions the new Coca Cola Zero Sugar in the “sugar-free” direction.


There was also a slight tendency for men to rate Coca Cola Zero Sugar marginally more positively than women, but this is not significant. It can, therefore, taken as concluded that advertising messages do not only appeal to men. Moreover, also to women – unlike the Coca Cola Light brand, which has a clear gender-specific pattern.

The conclusion is: “The results of the study provide arguments for the fact that gender marketing can have a targeted effect. The assumed congruent pairings Coca Cola Light with female and Coca Cola Zero Sugar with male formed stronger associations in people’s minds than the incongruent ones. We believe that this is caused by using gender-specific advertising to convey targeted messages.


There are incredibly many opinions about Coke Zero. From dangerous, harmful, unhealthy, ill and fattening to meaningful, good for losing weight and even healthy. At the same time, it is unclear whether Cola Zero affects blood sugar levels, causes cravings or distorts taste.


Coca Cola Zero Sugar is a no-calorie soda option. It is free of carbohydrates, sugar and other nutrients, except for 40 milligrams of sodium and 2 per cent of your daily potassium.

Hence, Coca Cola Zero Sugar is a favourite choice for dieters worldwide.

As a summary, Coca Cola Zero Sugar contains a total of nine ingredients

  • Carbonated water
  • Caramel color
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Aspartame
  • Potassium benzoate
  • Natural flavors
  • Potassium citrate
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Caffeine
Coke Zero does not contain any calories or sugar and is not a significant source of nutrients. It’s sweetened with artificial sweeteners, which have controversial health effects.


Coca Cola Zero Sugar or no other Cola. That is our motto. Moreover, Coca Cola Zero Sugar ranks as our favourite of all the mainly known Coca Cola products. It also ranks first in comparison to other Cola Zero such as Pepsi Max, Vivi Cola Zero or Afri-White.

Top taste. I’ve tried a few colas without sugar – but I’ve never been convinced by one. Hence, the soft drink is even uncooled enjoyable what one can not claim from the other comrades or even other Coca Colas.

Moreover, Coca Cola Zero Sugar is a success story – no end in sight!

Take a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, turn on the music on your Sonos Loudspeakers and enjoy.

Important: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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14 thoughts on “Coca Cola Zero Sugar Review”

  1. Avatar

    We just discovered this little piece of heaven. I have never liked dirt sodas of any type. I don’t like the dirt after taste!! ICK!!!!! Found this by total accident and i swear… you can not tell the difference between this and the coke classic. My son even poured coke classic into one cup and Coke Zero into another and I did the same for him. Neither of us knew which was which and we honestly could not tell the difference !! Can I tell you how happy this made me… still has the caffeine (if comes in caffeine free if you choose ) but no sugar and no calories. What?? I do. It understand how this is possible but I am so excited to have discovered this. I am hoping it helps my son cut down on the coke classic intake which has been out of control !!! Btw. Everyone we have turned this into has also been shocked. They can’t believe they can have the coke taste without the guilt. This is a coke WIN!!

  2. Avatar

    I was shocked about the news that Coca Cola stops production of Coca Cola Zero, but then I realized it was more of a name change. However, the media picked it up wrongly.

  3. Avatar

    I still don’t understand why certain bars and restaurants are still opting for Pepsi.

  4. Avatar

    What can I say? Coca Cola Zero Sugar is my favourite beverage. I like it way more than regular coke, it feels less sweet to me. I try not to drink too much because of the caffeine in it, but I share a can with my hubby every day.

  5. Avatar

    Since my parents are dietic, they sometimes buy some. It tastes exactly like the normal coca-cola. Very typical same packaging and just the main brand. I would like to see cutter packaging and better colours because black is just a little sad so yeah

  6. Avatar
    Sylvia Garner

    As a type-one diabetic, I have always reached for diet soda. Although I still love Diet Coke, I have been told by friends that Coke Zero has a closer taste to the original Coke formula and I agree that there is huge taste difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero. That being said, I appreciate having another diet soda option, especially with the option for Cherry Coke Zero! So refreshing!

  7. Avatar

    Quality posts is the crucial to interest the users to go to see the site, that’s what this web page is providing.

  8. Avatar
    Antony Beckman

    I am not a diet soda fan. There’s always a weird taste and aftertaste and I feel like it dries my mouth out terribly. HOWEVER, Coke Zero I applaud you for making this and making it freaking taste like coke and not like some weird diet soda!

  9. Avatar
    Shonas Shropshire

    No Way!
    I am a fanatic Coke drinker and have been for over 60 years. When I go to a restaurant and they are a “Pepsi House” I order water.
    Thumbs down on the Coke Zero Sugar. It has a taste that is a much, much sweeter taste than Coke Zero. Coke Zero Sugar tastes like Pepsi to me. I guess that everything must change, just for change sake. As far as taste goes, it is largely subjective. I never heard of a scientific method to measure taste. I would be very interested if someone knew of a method like this or even an approximation.
    According to a representative, they are to keep Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke going into the foreseeable future. However, Coke has discontinued Coke

  10. Avatar

    Once you’ve had Coke Zero, regular Diet Coke is gonna taste like poop to you. That’s the only downside. Well, that and whatever health negatives come from drinking sodas of any kind. Anyway I’m screwed because I’m addicted to Coke Zero.

  11. Avatar

    Although I don’t drink this often, it is my favorite soda. I purchased it because I was mistakenly told by one of the supermarkets I frequent it was no longer being made. Then the next week I discovered I was misinformed. Too expensive through Amazon. Still love the product.

  12. Avatar

    Hi, today m gonna tell you about a new product. Coca Cola zero is very good to drink launched in 2016. Coca Cola zero also called coke zero. its taste is better then diet coke.it is a carbonated soft drink by Coca Cola company. it is good for the adiabatic patient. You can get this product easily shop and also available in malls. New Coca Cola features improved flavours and packaging. Coca Cola have mostly black packaging.

  13. Avatar


    My father and my little brother also like to drink Coca-Cola. My school’s friends also like to drink during the recess period we all drink Coca-Cola.

    Its quality is very good.

    It is the best quality soft drink.

    From its simple and best taste I had been a fan of Coca-Cola.

    Its packaging is very good.it looks trendy.

    It’s can has a stylish look.

    It’s package also would be like by u.

    This is very best the only Coca-Cola!

    I addict by this.

    In the summer I weekly drink Coca-Cola

  14. Avatar

    Hi friends, I have drank Coke Zero since 2008. I loved it! Why would you change my favorite “Coke Zero Product”? It is absolutely NASTY! It has a very strong after tastes! I hate the flavor! Please lose this “New Improved Taste”. I want to enjoy the original 2008 flavor! What a disappointment and a terrible taste this so called “New Zero Sugar Coke” is! Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, don’t change the original formula! Bring it BACK!

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