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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar struck harmony in times when consumers were paying more attention to their sugar intake. People placed a high value on a balanced diet – without compromising taste. Accordingly, Zero managed to change from a product name to a philosophy of no compromise.

From models to managers, everyone relies on this softdrink. At the same time, the population is getting bigger and bigger. Coca-Cola is increasingly being criticised and has brought a disruptive innovation onto the market with Zero. However, it is mainly the company’s products that will lose market share. Nevertheless, this move was necessary because they would have missed the worldwide Zero trend.

Coca-cola zero sugar success

The idea of a low-calorie soft drink is by no means new. As early as 1982 – almost at the same time as the invention of the mobile phone – Coca-Cola launched the first sugar-free Coke with the Coca-Cola light (US Diet Coke). Moreover, it was the beginning of a unique success story.

A success story based on the idea that refreshment and a balanced diet should not be mutually exclusive. Coca-Cola light conquered the store shelves and consumers’ hearts in no time.
In 2005 Coke Zero was finally launched in the USA – initially in white packaging and with start-up difficulties. However, consumers were not very interested in the white exterior.

Hence, a few months later, Coca-Cola in Australia allowed consumers to choose between white and black packaging, with the dark variant establishing itself. The fact that the new brand got presented by the national rugby team, the “All Blacks”, had probably anticipated the result a little.

Today, figure-conscious women, fitness enthusiasts and wiry managers prefer to consume Coke Zero instead of sugared soft drinks.

Coke Zero - rebranding

Nowhere in Europe is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar as popular as in Switzerland. The sugar-free Coca-Cola Zero introduced in 2007 already accounts for 28 per cent of total Coca-Cola consumption. Although regular coke is also the most chosen in Switzerland, the light version has already overtaken the new sugar-free cola.

There was also a slight tendency for men to rate Coca-Cola Zero Sugar marginally more positively than women, but this is not significant. Therefore, it can be concluded that advertising messages do not only appeal to men. Moreover, also to women – unlike the Coca-Cola Light brand, which has a clear gender-specific pattern.

The conclusion is: “The study results argue that gender marketing can have a targeted effect. The assumed congruent pairings of Coca-Cola Light with females and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with males formed stronger associations in people’s minds than incongruent ones. We believe this is caused by using gender-specific advertising to convey targeted messages.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar or no other Cola. That is our motto. Moreover, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ranks as our favourite of all the mainly known Coca-Cola products. It also ranks first compared to other Cola Zero such as Pepsi Max, Vivi Cola Zero or Afri-White.

Top taste. I’ve tried a few colas without sugar – but I’ve never been convinced by one. Hence, the soft drink is even uncooled and enjoyable, which one can not claim from other comrades or even other Coca-Colas.

Moreover, it is a success story – no end in sight!

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56 Responses

  1. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is the new and improved Coca-Cola Zero. Coke Zero already had a great taste, but we have continued to work on the recipe

  2. The uncompromising one. Real taste, zero sugar. Enjoy the real Coke taste without a guilty conscience.

  3. Cola tastes exceptionally delicious! It’s best to drink it iced and immediately after opening. Super refreshing!

  4. Because of your lids that should be left on, my whole bottle of coke fell on my laminated floor, and so now not only is my floor sticking, but my laminate is rising!

  5. Sorry, who thought this one up? Drinking from the bottle with this cap is no pleasure. Paternalism for environmental protection?.

  6. I like to drink Coca-Cola; unfortunately, I already drink too much. It tastes too good.
    But the new caps with lids don’t work for me…

  7. The Coca-Cola taste appears to be largely authentic, the sweetness is slightly lower than regular cola, and you can already tell that it is not sugar, but this has been implemented quite well.

  8. Considering the lack of sugar, this is a successful alternative, even if I think the price is a bit too high.

  9. Coke enjoyment for every moment: Whether watching football, barbecuing with friends, on the road or at parties – the refreshing Coke Zero Sugar always fits!

  10. Taste the Feeling: With its new, improved recipe and stylish design, Coke Zero Sugar is now even closer to the taste of classic Coca-Cola – and all without sugar!

  11. I used to be a fan of Coke Diet, but I think this drink has stood still. So I tried Coca Cola zero sugar, but it’s a bit too sweet for me. It’s great ice cold, but when the Coke is standing around, it’s too sweet.

  12. Coca Cola Zero Sugar is truly an addictive drink. Especially in summer, there’s nothing better than an iced Coke. Thank you for always improving it.

  13. The new zero flavours, unfortunately, don’t taste good at all. It now tastes just as artificial as cola light.

  14. I gave up my friendship with my favourite drink about a year ago. Goodbye, Coke, it was friendly with you, but my body needs something healthier now. So I drank tap water instead of Coci. You get used to everything, but I didn’t enjoy it – my taste buds wanted a change.

  15. Although both Coke variants are indeed sugar-free, they are no healthier than classic Coke. Both Light and Zero contain sweeteners! Coke contains a lot of sugar. A 250 ml glass contains 27 grams of sugar and has almost 95 calories.

  16. The Cola Zero sugar with the new recipe tastes watery/thin, strongly of lemon and worst of all is the aftertaste: nasty bitter like sweetener. It’s like sucking on a sweetener tablet. The previous strength of Coke Zero was that it tasted like the original Coca-Cola with sugar.

  17. Who actually still drinks Coke diet today? That softdrink was so disgusting. Thank you that there is now Coke Zero Sugar.

  18. I may live on the opposite side of the world in the united states. Still, I am surprised that people in other countries are having similar problems with the Caffeine Free version of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar having an incredibly harsh, bitter taste. I switched to this product to taper down on caffeine consumption, thinking it would otherwise taste identical to its caffeinated counterpart. However, it tastes even worse than sparkling mineral water and quinine-based tonic water, which is well known for its bitterness being a plus when mixed as part of a Gin and Tonic cocktail. I wonder if someone was asleep at the control panel at the syrup-manufacturing plant with a batch that tastes so terrible that it could have been a punishment for my mouth for cussing too much. I plan to buy ZERO additional cans of this mislabeled battery acid disguised as a soft drink. Lastly, a section here asks if I was offered an award for this review. I was not provided with any award, but this drink is so terrible that Coca-Cola should instead pay restitution (in my case, $7 US$ for a 12-pack) to anyone tricked into drinking this crazy caustic concoction!

  19. Coca Cola without sugar is really a good invention. When I think how I used to drink the other cola – now at least the guilty conscience is gone.

  20. It’s funny how Coca Cola without sugar has developed over the years. I think it got better and better.

  21. Coca Cola zero sugar is the best softdrink. I don’t understand how Pepsi can still survive next to it.

  22. Why on earth would they change the recipe? We have been buying Coke Zero for years and will no longer do so. The cola tastes very strange and stale. What is supposed to be tasty about it? I don’t know anyone who still buys Coke. I hope the old Coke Zero will return, as our stock of the old Zero is unfortunately empty. Sad how quickly you can scare away long-time customers.

  23. Since we are absolute Coke Zero fans, we were very happy about the package. My boyfriend is diabetic and totally convinced by the new Coke Zero Sugar.
    I was completely convinced by the taste. It really tastes more like the original, and we also liked the fact that it is less carbonated than the old Coke Zero

  24. After the festive madness, I treated myself to a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with my loved ones to relax. We think it’s a worthy replacement for the old Coke Zero. It also tastes very close to the Coke Classic.

  25. We were all very enthusiastic and found hardly any difference from the original. A friend who only drinks the classic cola was thrilled and now only wants to buy it.

  26. It’s hard to get started! Three years ago, I got diabetes, switched to Coke Zero, and I’m delighted! No sugar and no calories!

  27. I like this Coca-Cola variety. Of course, it contains sugar substitutes, but the Zero is better tolerated than the normal one.

  28. I like drinking Coke Zero. It’s not too sweet and tastes very good to me. It goes perfectly with chips, fries, or cold refreshments between meals. I can recommend it.

  29. I was completely convinced by the taste of Coke Zero. There is enough carbonic acid in it and you don’t put on weight like you do with sugary drinks.

  30. For those who enjoy soft drinks but want to eat a low-sugar, low-calorie diet, the new Coke Zero Sugar is just right. The taste is now even closer to that of Coca-Cola Classic.

  31. Coke Zero Sugar is definitely the closest a sugar-free alternative has come to tasting like the classic Coke. Tasted alongside No Sugar and Zero, it has a fuller body and more presence in the mouth. But that was only because it was tasted within seconds of tasting the other options.

  32. Cola Zero tastes great even without sugar! Unfortunately, the bottle sizes have changed.

  33. Zero: Tastes just like the one with sugar! If you don’t dislike artificial sugar, it’s definitely better than the light version. For drinks, however, I prefer Classic 🙂

  34. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but cola simply tastes better from a glass bottle, and I’m happy to do without all the harmful chemical emissions from plastic bottles. Not to mention the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste.

  35. In the past, the Zero stuff always tasted very artificial, but with the new Coke Zero, this problem no longer exists. It tastes delicious and you can’t get away from it. And yet you have a clear conscience, wonderful.

  36. One of my absolute favourite Coca-Cola products no funny aftertaste of any artificial sweeteners but just the pure Coca Cola taste and the whole thing without sugar I find top and I hope that it will remain on the market for a long time not like the Stevia Cola which I of course also loved.

  37. The tall one in the house likes to drink a glass of cola every now and then, and I actually do too (previously only light). My husband thinks the sugar substitutes are poison, but it’s a matter of dose. Having drinks delivered to my home is great.

  38. In my opinion, ola Zero is a very good substitute for the original cola. Especially since less than 1 kcal per glass is actually consumed here. The taste is similar to real cola and much better than light cola. Ice cold, you taste the difference even less.
    If you want to keep an eye on calorie consumption, but still don’t want to do without lemonade now and then, you’ll get your money’s worth with Cola Zero. I don’t want to judge whether it’s really healthier, I can’t, and I don’t believe it either 😉

  39. Tastes delicious as always, just like you already know Coke from the shop and will.
    Therefore, I can gladly recommend the product.

  40. Honestly i like the flavour of this since I’m full on working out so it’s good for a perfect refresher, I’m a fan of the original coke but this one is perfect for an alternative.

  41. I find the new Coca Cola Zero sugar much better than the old Coke Zero, even if I obviously belong to the minority. Please do keep up the superb taste.